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Andrei in the office

Those were the good old days

327 user journals have been reduced by 117 journals (over 35%)

226 remain. If you feel that you shouldn't have been dropped because you read some of my filtered groups, drop a line. Again, nothing personal. And I may have checked the wrong box, so I may not have meant to cut you at all.

Comments filtered.

They say that breaking up is hard to do...

This may be my first gloomy post. I should have gone to bed about an hour ago, but I've been working on this project for about 5 days.

As warned and warned and warned... I'm about to commit my first purge.

Currently I have 501 subscriptions on LJ (which LJ refers to as friends).
Of that number 341 are individual journals, (or at least not officially communities or feeds)
So far I have scheduled for purge around 30% of these. (just over 100).

This process is never easy. The journals I've picked include, people who don't subscribe to me, people who haven't posted in years, people that I've fallen out of contact with, people I just don't know that well or read very much.

None of these unsubscriptions should be considered as personal, as I bear no ill will to any journal owner that I'm dropping.

I will leave comments open (but screened to all). If you think you may be among the dropped and wish not to be in that group (especially in the event that you want to read my increasingly rarely made filtered posts) leave a comment. Please this is not an open season to beg. Just tell me that you really do read and I'll pull you off the list if you're on it.

To be honest, I really don't expect anyone I'm dropping to be among the people who comment.

Also, if you discover you were dropped, (because you didn't think you'd be on the drop list), first... again, don't take it personally. Second, if you'd like me to keep your journal in subscriptions (maybe for filters, but for any reason) again... Comment.

My first purge will occur at about 3pm tomorrow.

This will allow me to follow LJ more actively again :)