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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Spambait?

In April '06 I made a post about a strange occurrence I had while riding on a train in Boston. Someone noticed my OTO lamen necklace and commented about how they'd read about the OTO.

The post itself is nothing out of the ordinary (AFAICT)

However, about once every 2-3 months that post gets spammed with an anonymous and irrelevant comment.

I suppose the strange thing to me is that out of the over 3700 posts I've made to LJ. (Um whoa)... this is the only post that gets spammed.

Andrei in the office

It's rainin' 419'ers

Well today saw another random 419'er drop on my virtual doorstep.

Here is a link explaining What a 419'er is

He violated no less than 75% of my IM rules.

My IM rules are basically sent to anyone who IM's me that I don't know. Within 2 lines they get the URL (which officially will change to a tinyurl ref: http://tinyurl.com/2nprbg)

Personally, there are a couple of things I wish you could do in the IM world:
1) Hit a spam button which gets your IM account and IM's temporarily monitored
2) Auto send a link, document to anyone who IM's you for the first time.
3) have some recourse other than "Block" against abuse.

Just my $0.02 for the day.

Andrei in the office

Ironic Spam

One of the latest waves of spam has been "Penny Stocks"

These are spams for small companies that are traded on markets. The only problem is that the Markets that you've heard of... "Dow Jones, Nasdaq, AMEX, etc" won't touch them because they are (if you'll forgive me) small change.

Pretty much any stock trading under $1.50 per share is just too damned volatile to consider.

One of my Penny Stock Spams was for a company that specializes in new technology.

their tech?
...a leader in the fight against email based viruses, spam, and outbound threats of corporate espionage....

Trading at $0.11 per share on August 2 they haven't actually traded any shares since.
Andrei in the office

It had to happen: JAPSPAM

So.. I open my email and I have a mail with Subject:


Which my computer and I translated as: "Even I could do it!"

The message was:

Which is probably obscene. I'm given the impression the O symbol is obscene and I have no idea what Zucone-Bacone means. So it sort of looks like:
After all the woman (something maybe obscene) raw and Zucone-Bacone.

I'm certain my more fluent in Japanese readers can shake their heads at this.

But yes.. it looks like Spam isn't just for English anymore. So that leaves the question:

English:Nigeria :: Japanese:????
Bunny Thwump

And since 3 posts isn't enough: IM of the morning

I use two IM programs at once. iChat and Adium

Yes, for those who haven't figured it out yet... I am a Mac person.

I use iChat for my primary AIM account. I use Adium for all my other accts: yahoo, msn, ICQ, private AIM, lurking accts. No... I do not have an IM account as a 14 year old girl. (Shudder, those people scare me)

Since ICQ has "Authenticate to add" requirements for seeing a person's online status, I will occasionally get random auth requests. My policy, is that I don't add anyone I wouldn't be interested in talking to. Now, the auth request will often include a message. For example, "Thanks for the chat, here's the auth request you said I could send."

Today I got another random auth request. The message was along the lines of (actual link read and promptly forgotten):

User 153#8#4# is requesting authentication: The message is:

I like Adium/ICQ because you not only can deny authentication, but you can send a message back as well explaining the denial.

So... feeling extremely gregarious (and for those who know me really well there will be some humour in the irony of me choosing that word), I sent a simple explanation as to why I was denying authentication:

Spam spam spam. Die die die. Please log off and never use a computer again, you are a child with no sense of what the Internet is to be used for.

All the while envisioning Ling Ling (from "Drawn Together") attacking. Which has now been added as a new icon for future posts.
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Andrei in the office

Spam du Jour

So, a quick diversion before a real post...

Today I popped open one of my older email accts. The acct is pretty much 75% spam now. Most relevant mail has been weaned off of it. There was an interesting piece of spam that caught my eye.

Subject: Diploma in your mail

Assuming this was a University of Phoenix: get your degree at home mail, I looked.

How have you been, <>

C-all us to r.eceive your D-iploma


Get back to you later,

This is just hilarious. Now, for those who do not know. I carry one and only one 'diploma.' I graduated High School. I attended undergraduate for 5 years before leaving to pursue a professional career. I returned to college for 2 years nearly a decade later to finish my degree and got hired by the university full time before finishing the program. I've done research papers and assisted in grant proposals. I've done work that is taught on the masters level. But, lo... I carry only a H.S. Diploma.

I am glad to know that Roderick has been keeping it.. um ... captive? in Mexico. It sort of leads to me really needing to make the Mexicophobia post. But apparently, all I need to do is phone him up and C-all him, and I will r.eceive my errant D.iploma. Actually, I'd prefer my m*issing t^assel. I loved hanging that from the rear-view mirror of my car. (This mind you was in fact illegal in Pennsylvania as it was considered an obstruction of the driver's view. Yes, PA is a no-fuzzy-dice commonwealth. The laws are different there.)

This is one of those fun spams where the spammer makes it sound like an old buddy reminding you of something you discussed last week. I mean, hey... hanging with ol' Roderick down in Xpu-Ha last week was great, but I'm really glad he was willing to hold onto my D.iploma for me after we'd had one too many Empanyo Bahejo Tequillas. Granted, since I was obviously too drunk to remember this whole exchange, he was kind enough to re-email me his phone number so I could um.... give him my address.... to send it back. Yeah... That was it.

Personally, I'm not even sure... what they are trying to pull over on me. Will they run up my phone bill by me calling them? Will they try to sell me an offer to forge me a diploma? This is just sad, but at least the only victory I've given them was street time and conscious awareness; but only because I found them too G-d d*mned funny.
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Andrei in the office

WEEKLY RANT: It can happen to me, it can happen to you

By now we've all be 419'ed in our email. If you're really lucky, someone has tried to 419 you via IM.

Today I learned about a new 419 variant. Now, a 419 no longer has to do with dead relatives. It is simply a scheme designed to extract money illegally from you as an overseas business arrangement. The reason they are called 419 is because they typically originate from Nigerian Cybercafes where people are told what to type and how to run them.

They are becoming more and more effective because they prey on holes in our system.

This was today's experience: click and return here to comment.