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The hotel bed WAS like sleeping on a cloud

We had an late afternoon snack of hummus and pita at the hotel. Aiden was VORACIOUS. (It was really good)

Maybe too much. Aiden didn't really eat his dinner. He had a little chicken. Off to bed and asleep by 8:30 pm.
I got into bed around 10:30pm. King sized, sooooft pillows. About 11:15 Aiden started to toss. A lot of toss. more toss than usual. about 11:30 Aiden completely tossed. As in his cookies all over the bed and to varying degree us.

Kudos to the housekeeping staff for helping us thru that mini disaster. We entertained Aiden during the bed, sheet, and towel replacement with shorts from his newest favourite movie, "Wall-E." This may be the first film I've bought without seeing first. I'm fully justified. Will watch it many times.

Boy and mommy are trying to relax back into redressed bed. Aiden now guarded in a towel fort in case of further surprise tonight.

Let's just hope it was a nervous stomach and not something worse. More in the morning.

Yeah, but would you believe

So, it's 2:15 in the morning. royalbananafish and I just got back from dinner after inits. In front of our hotel (the Glendale Day's Inn) was not 2, not 3 but 5 police cars. There are police everywhere in the building.

I don't know what the hell went down. We rode up with a pair of cops in the elevator who got off a floor before us. I said, "Should I ask or just remain blissfully unaware?" The cop said, "Blissfully unaware."

We get to our floor and there are 4 more cops filling out tickets and citations and there are (seemingly aged) high school students up and down sitting in the corridor.

You know the 'blood?' stained mattress was one thing. The Orwellian, 1984 Police state at the hotel... that's another. I am hoping to get a biiiiig discount on our bill.

Glendale. Days Inn. Never again!

P.S. If anyone comes across a news story about a big ass-bust in glendale this weekend please forward it to me :)
Andrei in the office

Greetings from Redding...

It's 9:15 am. the girls are still quite unconscious. This is to be expected after our wild night of driving... Hmmn, not so wild. I remember car... road... more road... It was a lot of driving.

We got on the road yesterday at about 10:30 am. Minor delays caused by morning, hormone surprises adn the usual pre-trip disorganization prevented our planned 9am departure.

9 --> 522 --> 405

We stopped off at the Arby's off Exit 2 on 405 almost to the Airport. They managed to mess up jnanacandra's order of "A number 7." This is why I never order fast food by the number anymore.

405 --> 5

From there a straight shot to royalbananafish in Portland. We hit there about 2 pm. The goal was to get to her by 12:30pm... So we were at least traveling at the speed we wanted. jnanacandra drove from Portland to Eugene and then I took over until about Medford. We had a lovely dinner at Red Lobster and then I learned how you can't buy Pseudophedrine in Oregon. Grymble.

more 5

royalbananafish took over driving after dinner. We got to see how the Prius handled mountain climbing and got all the way to Redding, CA.

We settled in at Red Lion. this is a chain I'd not previously heard of. What was cool was that they took my Alaska Air card and my AA card and got us two Queen sized beds in a non-smoking room with free wi-fi for an AMAZING price.

So, (since this has been slow typing) it's coming up on 10am. The girls... still asleep. Today we head for L.A.

The trip has been on a sort of time frame. So there hasn't been "Stop and socialize time"

If there are people along the trip for the way back... maybe it would be possible. Go ahead and comment here and we'll try to have a rough idea of where we may be when. It's pretty much... hop on 5, get off 5.

So.. waves to all... It's time to wake the Thelemic Babes and head off