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Gnostics go PING!

YouTube: Oops!

Edit: Added some facts about Cosmic Dolm. Explained the oops in a cut.

While doing some wikipedia surfing I came across a very interesting video.

Codo - Shortened from "Cosmic Dolm" was by a group called "DÖF" which stands for 'Deutsch-Österreichisches Feingefühl'. Cosmic Dolm means Cosmic Idiot. The song is from 1983.

This is truly Austrian/German New Wave of the early 80s. Think Sprockets in colour. The song very odd. But also very original. While the words may make little sense. Listen to the chord progression. ESPECIALLY at about :50 seconds in when they sing the underlying tune.

I figure about 90+% of the readers will say, "Oh... oops"

Remember, this song 'predates' by about 10 years.

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Creative Reinterpretation or Travesty against Nature?

This time it's a YouTube Video AAAAND a Poll.

That's right kids... This is Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister in the video for his cover of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.

So.. you tell me.

Poll #908969 Creative Reinterpretation or Travesty against Nature?

What did you think of Dee Snyder's 'Eleanor Rigby'

Loved it
It was okay
I'm really not sure
Kinda twigged me
Hang the Bastard