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Gnostics go PING!

Oh, my gods the pain...

Thank you soooooo much to gwywnnydd for this link:

There was a time long ago... when a Goddess names Carol Burnett owned Television.

The process was very simple. Carol would do a 7pm and 9pm taping.

At 7pm they would follow the script and then at 9...well, all bets were off.

They would depart from the script and see what they could do to make it funnier, or at least throw the other actors.

There was a time not quite so long ago that a man named Robin Williams came along.

And one day, these two met on the stage of battle.

Round 1 went to Carol's Keening.... Round 2 went to Robin's ol' Spiritual.

But the viewers were definitely the victors.

Andrei in the office

This family walks into a talent agency...

I'm not going to go into a complete review of The Aristocrats which I finally saw on Netflix today while on baby watch.

Suffice it to say... It was amazing. I loved it. And I don't recommend it to anyone unless you can transcend vulgarity to see the meta-humour.

I would like to point out 2 things from the documentary. One is an fantastically performed version of the joke as a series of card tricks.

But the most important thing is a quote from Saint George Carlin. Because it hit me on a philosophical level at the core of who I am. It's an interesting quotation because I know it is fundamentally how I feel about the world and how I live my life. It seems to run utterly counter to the philosophy of Thelema that is also very much a piece of who I am. I see how the two paths run together in my universe. And it also makes it clearer to me when I've really pissed people off in my world.

I like this because it puts together an idea in a very simple and succinct way while not losing any of the impact of it's viciously subversive nature.

I do like finding out where the line is drawn, deliberately crossing it, bringing some of them with me across the line, and having them be happy that I did. - George Carlin

Possibly, I'll go further about "The Aristocrats" later.