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Back in September of 2004, I did a lecture on ceremonial rituals. This involved using the word קבּלה. For those of you on non-unicode systems that is loosely spelled kabalah. (the k could be a c, there may or may not be an h on the end, the number of b's and l's may vary more than your car's mileage, יאדא, יאדא, יאדא)

So in October, I decided to look around LJ and find out... how do people think they spell it?

Going back thru old posts today I found this one and decided to update the information. What is the most popular English spelling for the word? Over the past 2 1/2 yrs... have people learned to spell? Does anyone even care about the topic still?

So... I've modified the old post with new information.

Feel free to comment here or there.

Andrei in the office

Recently I was asked...

Recently I was asked about my writing on the topic of Thelema. I'd made a lengthy post about it almost 4 years ago.

(looks back) Dear heavens! This journal turned 5 years old on October 18th. W00t


The post talks about some basic views I have (note: I have.. my views... all mine... can't claim they're right for anyone but me.) um.. of Thelema.

Please enjoy. :)
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