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Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei Freeman
3 April 1968
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Before you read further, I warn you. There is personal information about me. Some of it, you may deem 'unacceptible.' I put it here, because this is my personal journal. I am me, a person. I have my quirks and strangeness' like everyone else. Some mesh, some are wierd. Deal... I'm still me.

Life goes on....

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Dislikes:34: bad drivers, being afraid, boy bands, censorship, cigarettes, closed mindedness, coffee, country music, double standards, drama, homophobia, hypocrisy, hypocrites, ignorance, internet explorer, intolerance, my self image, needles, netspeak, people who don't use turn signals, political correctness, reality television, reality tv, rejection, scientology, sexism, shaving, smoking, spam, stupid people, stupidity, sun-saturn conjunction, the patriot act, willful ignorance
Θελημα, 156, 70s television, 80s music, 93, a wrinkle in time, acapella, accents, acting, anime, aries, astrology, babalon, bare feet, bdsm, bisexuality, british humor, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, ceremonial magick, chinese food, chuck jones, cocoa development, compersion, computers, coupling, cross-stitch, cuddling, directing, divine sex, doctor who, douglas adams, dr who, drumming, ecclesia gnostica catholica, egc, embroidery, erotica, esoteric trivia, ethical hedonism, ethical sluts, ethics, exhibitionism, fantasy, feet, fight club, flirting, foot fetish, foot fetishes, football, footsie, footsies, fugue states, geeks, genealogy, gnosis, gnostic mass, going barefoot, group sex, hedonism, hentai, heroes, high fidelity, highlander, hitchhiker's guide, hugs, initiation, instant messaging, intelligence, japanese, jim croce, jim henson, kundalini, kurt vonnegut, lain, liber al, liber librae, liber oz, linguistics, little shop of horrors, lon milo duquette, los angeles, macintosh, madeleine l'engle, magick, making out, muppet show, musicals, neil gaiman, new mutants, nuit, o.t.o., objective-c, occult, ordo templi orientis, oto, paganism, philosophy, pineapple bomb, playing footsies, pleasure sadism, pleasure sadist, poker, polyamory, puppeteering, red dwarf, ritual, ritual theater, sacred sex, sacred sexuality, schoolhouse rock, science fiction, sensual, sensuality, sex, sex magick, sex positive, sexual alchemy, sexual energy, sexual ethics, sexuality, shakespeare, shiny things, sluggy freelance, snuggling, spirituality, spontaneity, star ruby, steelers, steven sondheim, sushi, tantra, tantric magick, tantric sex, tarot, tea, television, the dark crystal, the muppets, theatre, thelema, tigers, tom stoppard, triad, unicursal hexagram, urusei yatsura, Θελημα, קבּלה, ♀♀♂



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