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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Live journal limits

For those who've yet to see it. LiveJournal is going to be instituting daily posting limits. The plan was put into operation today (when announced in news) and shortly thereafter brought down. The shortly thereafter was the 1358 (and growing comments) that the sudden announcement brought.

The current mechanism is as follows:
posts per days:
Free users 3 posts
Early adopters 10
Paid/perm: 20

posts are counted; not comments
community posts will count
free may rise to 5
Some communities will be exempt (lj*) and paid communities will get posting bonuses.

I have mixed feelings on this but in general they are supportive.

The actual post (and full comment block) gives more details. Somewhere among the now 1400 and growing comments are my views

Feel free to comment here or in my post. Beyond that. Anything posted into the thread....well, I doubt anyone will see it :) I mean there are 1403 comments. (Note the time of my post is 2:45 a.m. pacific) The thread is growing that fast when most of the US is asleep.

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Awww its not so bad, how many times you going to post in a day anyway! I couldn't use up all 20 thats for sure!

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