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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Review: Jack Davenport, Ultraviolet, and Coupling

A while ago, I caught a series called Ultraviolet. It was a very short lived Vampire series from Britain with a very different twist. In this world, Vampires look very human. They don’t show up on film, tv, radio, phone. They also can not be killed. They will regenerate. In the series, they are never referred to as vampires merely as targets infected with the Code V virus. The wrinkle is that in this world, the vampires are organizing and plotting, because man kind has gotten pollution to the point where human kind is no longer viable food for the vampires. Yes, the vampires are trying to take over the world to make things better for mankind.... So... who really is the bad guy on the series?

The central character is played by British actor Jack Davenport. At the time that I originally saw UV I had no idea who any of the actors were.

A few months ago, I caught a British comedy. I had no idea what it was about as I had tuned in about halfway thru the episode. A guy was in a bar hitting on a woman who spoke no English. The scene then played itself back again but this time from the woman’s point of view. And was very funny.

It turns out that this was Davenport’s newest series “Coupling.”

Now I MUST fully reccommend this show. This show is “Friends” done right.

One part “Friends” one part “Sex in the City” and six vibrant, sharp, and clever characters. ... Well 5 clever characters and Jane.

Gay man: Look, I think there’s been a misunderstanding. This isn’t a date.
Jane: (Surprised) Oh, my.... there has been a misunderstanding! This is a date.

With some of the best complex writing, catch phrases (Porn Buddies, The Giggle Loop, and the Sock Gap), and above all; phenominal acting. This series is a must see to sit thru again and again and again.

Check it out on BBC America. Or buy Season 1 whereever they sell DVDs. You’ll be hooked.

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NBC just bought the rights

They are hoping to do an american version to replace friends. At least that's what I read. Apparently the writer of the British show is going to be writing the american show.

Re: NBC just bought the rights

It looks like the pilot was filmed in October I can't really get good pictures of anyone in the cast except the US version of Susan.

Britsh shows translated to this country either succeed incredibly are die horribly. More the latter than the former now adays. But, we do have "Three's Company; All in the Family, and Sanford and Son."

The first question is if this pilot will ever see the light of day.

Re: NBC just bought the rights

Gah! An American version will be horrible. They can't be as sexual on national t.v. and on one of the BBC sites it said that they're going to have to cut 10 minutes of it. The pilot is based off one of the orginal scripts. So we'll see....

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