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Andrei in the office


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New friend maintenance

Since I'm coming back from the dead, so to speak. It's time for me to binge aand purge. I'll be going thru my lists, seeing what I'm no longer interested in and addings some people and dropping people who've dropped me over time.

Now's your chance to get in your last comments ;)

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I'll say this: sorry for being in a rush the other day, knew I had to breeze home ASAP after work (and therefore take a little time for lunch as possible) to prepare for the new roomie.

Next week thing should be calmer, wanna go eat some real food somewhere? I haven't taken lunch since my second week here, so I'm due. :)

You don't know me

(sorry if this double posts)

But I read your journal... you don't have to keep me, but your insights are interesting. My journal seems to be just filled with complaints about work and silly quizzes, though I'll be starting to talk about my experiences in the SCA, which is where I stumbled upon you... I think. Oh, I don't know.

Just good to see you posting more.

I know I have the most boring journal on LJ so if you drop me, I won't be offended ;-)

You boring.. Not a chance.. hate to tell you bud *giggles*

You drop me and so help me.... Teeheee... Well.. ok.. so there isn't much I can do if you drop me.. except ignore you once I come out to California..

Who's that handsome man on my screen?

Don't drop me...I rule!

And if you do...I'll hold my breath until I die!

Coming back from the dead?

So what's this about coming back from the dead? I feel like I am doing the same thing too. I don't want to be dropped. Even though I don't post much I always check to see what you're up to :)

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