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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

The weekend

Well, the weekend was defintiely ... interesting.

Friday evening I went out to watch Luna's dress rehearsal. I found myself making directorial notes from a tv production point of view. I tried to find strong camera positions for taping.

Saturday I did minimal cleaning around the house. Made myself some food. I fought my printer for about 90 minutes. (Lexmark is truly worth every penny you don't pay for it.) I got to Luna at about 6:30. I got my camera set up. I had a shot sheet and 1 (if not 2) other cameras on the way.

The rite went well. I invited people over after the rite. We basically sociallized until about 5am. I crashed at about 5:30. Surprisingly, I only slept until Noon.

I caught up with Fra. T for the afternoon and it was a "Boys Day Out." sadly I left my cell at home. So I couldn't take any emergency calls. Some my comment that it was freeing; but I like to have it on me.

Bought a couple of cheap movies to watch. Also found a set of "UltraViolet" which I'll comment on later. (Fantastic show)

Things are going okay. This week will improve as it goes on ;)

And I've posted responses to comments in older posts :)