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The Rite of Luna and other religious endeavors

I've been very active with my religion over the past year. I think it's one of the things that's kept me over the last year from going absolutely insane at my worst times.

Tonight, our West San Fernando Valley chapter will be sponsoring "The Rite of Luna" one of A.C.'s "Rites of Eleusis"

The rite is at 8pm this evening at Raven's Flight Bookstore near the Studio City / North Hollywood border.

I'll be one of the guys running a video camera tonight. The rite I'll be sponsoring isn't until later in the year.

I have also in the past 6 months become an ordained Deacon in the EGC.

I have been performing masses regularly and will be appearing for the first time at the WSFV's mass this month.

This week I also began my official study towards the priesthood. I'm working with our chief priestess from the East SFV chapter. I have also spoken to a Bishop in the area who has agreed to monitor me and take me on as a student in the priesthood.

My current goal is the March/April time frame.

This is made more complicated by the fact that I am sponsoring a 4 class lecture series on performing basic rituals.
Our two SFV chapters will be tag-teaming a series of classes that they call 101 in February. (See calendars for the WSFV chapter (LVX) and the ESFV chapter (Blue Horizon) for more details)

It's interesting to me that I've offered to sponsor (and teach) material that I was very hesitant to do on my own for the longest time. Perhaps at some point I'll be introspective on that topic.

And that's some free floating news from around the apt.

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