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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Stupid is as supid does...

As a lot of people know I work as a software engineer for a major commercial software company.

Recently, I've been getting spam from a company that pirates our company's software and offers it 90% off list price. I get these mails at my off site spam-bait email.

Today I got one at my work address.

Now... How stupid does one have to be to send mail saying, "Hey, I'm selling BLAHBLAH software" and then sending it to a BLAHBLAH.com e-mail address.

Well, apparently very stupid. As the people sending around this batch are based out of nearly the same town as where we make the stuff.

I expect these guys to be behind bars by the end of the week.

*rolls eyes*

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spam just now to my web hosting company:

Subject: Re: 300 Mb Web Hosting 7.50/mo. (No Setup Fee)

report their asses.

LOL, that should make the yearly list of stupid people stories.

Did you report those idiots to anyone?

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