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All to myself for the moment

No music this morning. I can clearly visualize the headphones exactly where I took them off last evening when I came home. Ah, well. No Harry Potter this morning. (Probably a good thing as I was having very odd dreams last night.)I got on the bus today and it was empty. That was kind of neat. Just for the moment. Granted, I get on this one at the first stop. Now we're at the half way point where everyone gets on.This is my second leg. For those who know L.A. I take a bus from the Valley down to UCLA. There I switch to one that takes me to downtown Santa Monica. I have to admit I slept pretty much the whole first leg.I've been feeling really tired this week. Not pleased with this. If anyone has any good ideas for reducing 'tiredness' I'd be really appreciative. Hopefully it's not time to head back to the doctor. :-/

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