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Blessed, definitely blessed

First task of the morning was to call the Bus Company to tell them about my wallet. They in turn told be that the wallet had been turned into them I just got in from picking up my wallet.

Now is where you sit down
All the cash was left in the wallet, in tact

Except for the need to wait a week for my plastic to be replaced.... All is well.

Thank-yous toy everyone who IM'ed, mesaged, emailed, replied in LJ and called in support...

Special thanks to "D" who called last night (I commented on this yesterday)
Special thanks to my dear Thelemic Littermate kaote who sent me the sigil of Andromalius, the goetic spirit of returning that which has been stolen.

Yes, in a moment of desperate 'anything that would help', I traced his sigil in the air and did a ritual in the hopes that if my wallet was stolen it would be returned, the their aptly punished, and if merely lost the wallet returned, and the finder justly rewarded.

So much juju on sie who returned my wallet.

BTW: Anyone know the proper way to thank and dismiss a goetic sprit?

The humour in all this was when I reported it to the police in Santa Monica and asked what the odds of recovery was the echange went like this:
Me: I'm going to assume "Blue Moon" is being viciously optomistic.
She: Would you settle for my assurance that you'll at least be a statistic?
Me: So you're advising prayer, hope, and maybe exploration into the ritual occult?
She: That would probably accomplish the most.

That's right folks. I got the Police to agree that ritual occult would help get my wallet back...

Maybe it did...maybe I was just f*$^ing lucky...

Regardless. In my book. September 11 is a good day.

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