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And amongst the hell, I may actually be blessed/cursed.

While I'm not going to go into details...because at this point there are none to really go into that are for public consumption.

I got to know a new person this weekend. It was through my church. I had a great time and am looking forward to seeing this person again. We emailed briefly since the weekend. Today, after she read my LJ, she tried to call to offer condolenses.

From my end: My cell rang with a caller blocked ID. I picked up the phone, answered it. Heard, "Andrei" in a female voice and the phone discharged die to the batteries being low and shut off.

From her end. She called me, I answered, she said, "Andrei", I hung up.

Fortunately, she left a message (albeit a worried, I never wanted to talk to her message) and I was able to both identify it was her and call her back before any long term damage was done.

I really hate nokia.

But, I have had a nice phone call now, and a day that has run the gammut is ending up rather than down.


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