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First posts in a while

So much to write about, so much...

Today started okay and went to S*#^

I have just gotten off the phone with the Santa Monica Police. I believe my wallet was lifted on the late bus home from Santa Monica to the WestSide where I transfer to an LA MTA bus to go to the Valley. My wallet contained no less than: My cash budget for the rest of the week (About $40), my debit card, secured credit card, paypal ATM card, check book, Drivers license, SS card, An emergency key for my car, and many of my receipts for Dragon*con which was to be a tax write-off.

For a matter of public record, I filed this as: Santa Monica Police report #0277683. I make it public record in the event that if my wallet was stolen and my id used for a crime, I have filed publicly proof that I'm not the one responsible for it. (Ain't life grand)

But... why you may ask is Andrei on the bus again. Sunday, the clutch on ルーナ decided to die a horrble death. Yes, my car is named ルーナ and is properly pronounced as such. For those without a background in japanese the car can be pronounced "Luna" or "Runa" the first sound is actually the d as in "Ladder" :)

So the clutch died. What this means is that the gears work. I just can't shift into them. I press the pedal down and nothing happens. So, to get into first, I turn the car off, put it in first, and turn on the car into first gear. Then I force the gears to shift up the line. So....drivable...sort of. But I'm not for the sake of safety and the hope not to destroy it further. Saturn is quoting an estimate of $1000 for the job.

Today...I got to code again. I also got a return email from a person that I got to spend time with over the weekend and enjoy their company. Also, my life became wonderfully lighter as I am now permitted to say that Symantec corporation has shipped version 7.0.2 of Norton Utilities for the Macintosh. This update (both a purchasable disc, an ordable CD, and free LiveUpdate patch to 7.0 owners) is fully Jaguar compliant and fixes some really remote bugs. It's release also heralds me being able to work on actual code again.

Also, I managed to find out that the clever goth girl at the tarot seminar at D*C...The one that said wiccan's were fluffy and commented about thelema was an LJ'er and we bumped into each other in a chat for darkpaganism

I'll unwind the week/end more in short order. But I figured I'd post this first.

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