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Dragon*Con... Part I The pre-report

Well it's a bit long, so I'm just going to throw in a cut and let you read ahead if you want....

Music: Aha- Take on Me

I suppose I should back up to Wednesday evening. (Now a week + past ;) My friend came over.... yes the one I'm being vague about. We watched movies. She showed me one of her favourites (which I really loved) and I showed her one of mine. I think she found it to be reasonably cool. More tea, more foot rubs. And cheap sushi. I wish we'd gotten the chance to get out and eat, because when given the chance we're both food snobs. So I think it'll be fun trying to out class each other over food.

I flew out Thursday afternoon. Originally, this was supposed to be Thursday evening but due to the untimely bankruptcy of vanguard airlines my tickets had to be changed. Happily, they'd been purchased through my check card which has BoA buyer protection. Yay corporations; for once.

Music: Pearl Jam - Jeremy (The only song to prompt me to burst into tears) {Another post entirely}

Airport was typical LAX. Checked the bags (The suitcase and the Drum....) If I only knew then what I know now. I was in the center section left aisle. This meant absolutely no leg room. And I have theatre knees, so it was a pain. No movies on the trip... the video system was broken. I had pulled an all nighter so I fell right asleep before we even took off. I was woken abruptly when food was put in front of me. Now, my experience with Delta has typically been unpleasant. They lost my luggage entirely when I went to Ashville. I'd ordered a Kosher meal. I do this because I really can't eat food with lactose without getting kinda sick. With Kosher, typically this means a meat dish with no milk. Sadly this flight they decided that Kosher meant custard, milk, salad, and buttered bread. So much for dinner.

Okay. I get into Atlanta. My drum is missing. Grump grump grump. I report my drum missing, they give me a case number. Then they ask me to check odd sized luggage. Well, there is my drum case, my drum is in it. The lid, however.. is missing. I go back and they tell me they will add the info to the missing bag case and call me back. I catch a taxi and head for the hotel.

Music: Theme to SE Lain.
Now, mind you. At this point, I don't know where we are staying in the hotel. Happily I was smart enough to ask the room person for her cell phone. We met at the room. I met my room contact mumeimagpie. Well in all honesty it was chaoticgoodnik who got me hooked up with the people she was staying with, but none the less ;) Got to the room and was shown my portion of floor with the JBC ;) It was about 11:30 at that point and registration was closed. Nikki was up in the room but unconscious.

Music: Mammas & Pappas - Monday Monday

We stayed up and chatted until about 2am. Then the trip took it's toll and I went completely unconscious.

Up next; Friday and into the con proper...

Kind to Friends: 9.5
Lonliness: 8.0 (Low is good)
Relaxation: 7.5
Satisfaction: 7.5
Frustration: 6.0 (Low is good)
Happiness: 5.0
Hygene: 4.5 (Shower before bed coming)
Detachment: 2.0 (Low is good)

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