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Andrei Freeman

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this will probably come off as disjointed because what I want to say and what I am contractually allowed to say are two very different things.

I find the larger an organization becomes and the more distributed divisions of it become, the more disjointed and uncooperative these divisions come. It's not that they don't necessarily wish to cooperate. It's just that each person does their own thing until they need information from someone else. If the other person determines that the information is worth their time to share, they eventually get around to it in a timely manner.

Then there are the contractual part timers who are really over glorified button pushers. Who, i've discovered, can really only push one button at a time, even if they have three buttons on three separate machines.

Bottom line, I wanna do what I'm supposed to be doing. Not get the blame because the clean up work isn't being managed by any one person and I happen to now own a broom.


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