Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

No thin mints were harmed in the making of this....

First off: PIE!!!!!! (Don't ask)

Concerning my posting yesterday about a nice evening, making cordials, unwinding and my desire to create "thin mint" tea... chite posted a response which sent me reeling down amnesia lane.

Sayeth I: "Girl scout thin mint" flavoured tea.

Respondeth chite: Do you include the "secret ingredient" in all thin mints?

To which I must now explain:

Many years ago I explained to chite and her then roommate amergina(A massively cool person in her own right), that I was convinced that the reason people love thin mints so much is that they obviously must be laced with cocaine as a "secret ingredient". My theory was further proved after a discovery.

I bought a case of thin mints and disciplined myself to open no more than one box per month. in December, I brought a box to a Christmas party. Note: Girl Scout Season (Just before Rabbit Season, slightly after Duck Season) is in Late January/ Early February. Most people hadn't seen GS Cookies in about 8-9 months having already screwed up this past year's resolutions to loose weight.

I took out my cookies. Darwin as right folks, because people went feral. "Are those Girrrrll Scoout cookies?!?!" And the box was toast in about 5 minutes.

Cocaine. I was sure of it. People spending lots of money, waiting for their dealers who come off innocently enough. Start you on something safe like shortbread....until they work you up to the more addicting stuff.

And then it hit me. The filk was so damned obvious. When chite posted her response the first verse sprang back from the dark archives of my memory. I don't think I ever finished more than the first verse....

Until today.

To the tune of Cocaine by Eric Clapton
Words by G. Andrei Tapolow. (c) 1995, 2002

Cookies: (you really don't want to follow that link)

When they come to your door. it is time to by more.
She will wear a green suit and run off with your loot.

Buy a box, buy a case, buy a troop.

When you jones for a snack, she'll help your attack.
Lemon pastry, shortbread, feed your waist, feed your head.
with Cookies.

Buy a box, buy a case, buy a troop.

The thin mints are the worst, I will eat till I burst.
Now my cash flow is shot. But, my taste buds are hot
for Cookies.

Buy a box, buy a case, buy a troop.

Buy a box, buy a case, buy a troop.
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