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A new obsession!!!!

Note:The enthusiasm contained in this post is to add to the frivolous and pointless humour contained herein. Please free free to join in the madcap game.

Note:While the idea in the main part of the post is meant for fun, there is some good, semi-serious information about me behind the cut.

I'm colecting trading cards!!!! LiveJournal Trading cards

It's free, it's fun, and you can meet new people. And if you don't have any...You can make one up yourself. I know... I did!

Ah, but how do you collect them?!? I have 39 as of this post.

First, find a trading card. You can make your own or take mine :)
Second, add the post as a memory in LJ with the key phrase "Trading Cards"
Third, go find more!!!

Come see my collection!

I thought about the fact that they were called trading cards. I figured they should be collected. Well, I'm a collector...

I've been a collector in one form or another for about 20 years. I started with comics in jr. high school. (I added jr. because the thought of HS being 20 years unnerved me)

My grandfather was an ardent collector. He had coins. He'd raised his kids to collect stamps and baseball cards. I didn't seem to have the bug.

When I was about 22 I was visiting my grandparents and on a small table was a copy of "Classics Illustrated: The invisible man" Not the most valuable comic, but old, and worth preserving. I pointed out to him that the book shouldn't just be left out, it should at least be stored in an acid-free bag with a backing board so it'll hold its shape longer.

Grandpa got a beautiful gleam in his eye and I knew he felt I'd gotten the bug. It was one of the few times I'd felt close to the otherwise quiet man in the rocking chair with a pipe. He looked down at the old book and said, "Here, you'd better hold onto this, I think you'd take better care of it"

Well, it was 37, but a friend IM'ed me that she'd made one and I'd discovered the last thing that made me take a break.

I started by adding the ones on my friends page. And then I realized, they must have gotten the idea from somewhere, so I meandered through their friends pages. After a few, I found other collectors and ran-sacked through their collections.

Well, once that was done it was only a matter of time... I'd been contemplating... Hmmn, should I make a community. Well while contemplating and pillaging...

Oddly, fiorile somewhat inspired it. She doesn't have one but commented that her friends list had turned into a whole bunch of Trading cards. This got me looking. I found my way to crossfire who made the template and generator. Tigerbright was the first other collector I found and she was doing it the same way.

silenceleigh had the link to the cards_r_us. I decided to post at this point. I already had a good size collection started.

So the current craze seemed to have been caused by crossfire in the links in the main post. But I am admitedly a novice LJTC collector. I have learned while typing this that the the idea came up by a post from mattcallow dating all the way back to Tuesday. Which gave me 4 more and now I'm at 43.

And lest you think it's not worth playing. "God" has a card. I'm not talking about your 'run of the mill' popular view of God (god_dot_com). I'm talking of the one true, "one blog to join then, one blog to rule them" God (brad) (The God card by mattcallow)

*heh* 44

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