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Collect the whole set (Something light)

Stolen from a post by shaktiqueen:

My official Live Journal Trading Card

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User Number:  369731
Date Created:  10/18/01
Number of Posts:  711

Andrei, despite all attempts to the contrary, is human. A conservative minded liberal, he is a ritual mage in a super secret order of magickians that has a web site. He is a philosopher, a warrior, a lover, and a wanderer. No wait.. that's Duncan Macleod...Heck, we'll claim it anyways. Usually a good sense of humour and a love of movies, contemporary and classic.
Strengths:  Extrovert, friendly, good sense of humour, intelligent, tactile, liberal, philosophical, creative, devious, strong leader, tenaciously strong friend/ally, vast computer experience, magickal, hedonistic
Weaknesses:  Gets caught up in his own criticisms, picking up women, relationships in general, hedonistic, tenacious in an arguement, does not forgive easily, Packrat, feet.
Special Skills:  Tarot, Cocoa Development, Theatrical Directing, Reiki, Japanese Translation, Movie Trivia, Energy Visualization, Teaching, Anime collector
Weapons:  Wit, Sword (concealed), berserker (rare),
Made up words:  Calemrin, Protast, Nemfish, Gablock, Kermantiker, Vismesage, tranbuncular, zassily, cremullink, gasto, peenarkmen, fo, pho, vialimin, traxerine, zespuntamord, grepple, voint.

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