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Shows over. Go home :-(

This will be the last post I make concerning my blood relatives. today I received a response in the mail to the letter I sent.

The short form: I received a letter purportedly from my sister. The letter goes on to tell me how the idea was hers and that she merely wishes to be with my departed relatives because no one cares.

If this letter was written by my mother or anyone asides from my sister. I don't even consider the author of the letter and this entire ride that I have embarrassed myself in front of co-workers, friends, hospitals, police, and colleagues...I don't even consider the author remotely human.

If this letter was written by my sister then she truly can't recognize when people care about her and there is nothing further I can do.

I take this space to apologize with all my honest heart to everyone who has been dragged into this disgusting perversion of family. Your kind words, emails, phone calls, messages, and everything else have kept me sane. And with this, I really don't feel deserving. I feel like I should have recognized something like this sooner.

The letter is posted in its entirety below the cut line. Judge for yourself. I no longer care about what I edit and what I don't.

I will now be spending more money to file restraining orders against anyone purporting to be my immediate blood family. I gave my life's blood to them and they stepped on it and belittled it for 34 years. I came when called like a battered animal.

The bottom line: I have no blood relatives left from my immediate family. They have all died. If anyone asks, I will tell them, "My family is dead. I have no siblings, I never knew my mother." If anyone asks details they will be told that I do not wish to discuss it.

If anything has come of this...I know I have family. People who care about me for me. And in all things... that's all that matters.

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