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It's gotta end! It's gotta stop right here!

(Quote from Little Shop of Horrors)

Today, there has been no call. The police have told me that there is nothing they can do. They have no reason to believe she's being held against her will and have no identifying information as to what the situation is. I was told point blank, "I am powerless"

This will be done by midnight. EIther I will have information or I won't .

I have sent a letter to "SysAIM" it was neither easy to write or have sent. It talks about all the holes in all the information I have. All the misgivings, and all the things not being done to change a purportedly bad situation. I do this under the considered advice of about 5 trusted friends. For better or worse, if I've heard nothing by midnight. I will go to bed. When I wake up, I wil no longer have any blood relatives left.

It hurts, it burns, but the situation is out of control, and I'm merely helping my mother destroy me by playing along with this game of hers. She may even tell my sister that I abandoned her. I'm pleased that at least i'll have a public record that said i tried. And if what I've gone thru isn't good enough, then maybe I deserve to be without blood relations.

I can't keep doing this. I'm getting to be in a bad state. And it's only going to ruin me at this rate.


This is an incredibly hard email for me to write. In the past 3-4 days I have gotten no more than 3 hours of sleep per night. Today, I called the police in Pittsburgh and explained the whole situation. They told me an investigation would be opened today.

I honestly do not know what to believe anymore. I am told by hospitals, that they will lie to me if they have been directed to do so. The email from D*** makes no sense and offers a conscious perception of danger to her well being. Yet, no one seems to have communicated their concern to a doctor or nurse about this.

The police questioned me as to why you haven't contacted them if you feel the danger is so high. I've gotten direct quotes from my mother who's perceptions, beliefs, and opinions fall on deaf ears to me. She stood by and blamed me for my fathers condition while I was in Pgh at the hospital, in the waiting room, while he was in surgery because I'd flown out to authorise it. I flew out within 4 hours of being notified he was intensive care at a cost of nearly $2000 to me.

My mother (in all your communications) has lied to you, to me, to my sister, to the hospital, (The police have no idea how someone can check in a patient under false information and claim to be their mother) No one can understand how my sister if so concerned about her own health and well being with my mother hasn't told a doctor.

I am emotionally ragged. And this is the state my mother has always been able to put me in for her own purposes. She demeans my character publicly and to my face. She does the same with D*** and now she is allowed to be considered 'responsible care taker.' My mother has proven to too many people on too many occasions that despite how much she may say 'she cares about her children' she does not, and has gone out of her way to be physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive.

I have 4 days of electronic communication and you have asked me to trust you. And i will be honest, I am trying to. I want to give you the absolute, full benefit of the doubt. Because I am clinging to the knowledge that everything I have been told is true.

But in all honesty, I don't know who you are. You are a first name with a lot of information who has access to my sister's email and my sister's AIM. I don't have a name, an address, a voice. I have no corroboration of anything I've been told and all that is happening is that friends continue to ask me questions saying, "Why this... Why that" because the more I get, the less it all makes sense.

So.. here I am. This is the situation

St. Margaret's Hospital, where you _assure_ me is the location of my sister, has my name and emergency contact number. They have been directed to give it to NOBODY. If the concern is so high for my sister's welfare, and as you are the current caretaker of my niece, her daughter; you have every right to speak to a doctor or nurse saying that you question my mother's competency. If you have seen D*** and she has expressed concern, it is _ludicrous_ not to have her voice that concern to the doctors. It is impossible to me if there is the level of concern that she is voicing that she will not voice it to the doctors, or at least authorise them to give me (her brother) information. Her word as patient out ranks anyone else's. You told me a case worker is dealing with this. Get the caseworker in the room and have D*** tell them.

As for me I can only make one of three assumptions.

1) The situation is true, but you have not realized the power you have to fix this.
2) The situation is true, but you are a friend of my mother or my mother herself trying to stir me up and make me unhappy with this situation and mess with me.
3) The situation is false entirely and this is a group joke.

So, I put it to you.

I care for my sister and niece's well being. More than you or anyone will ever believe or realize. And, in truth, whether or not you believe it... it doesn't matter to me.

If I do not have concrete contact by a doctor by midnight (the number you were given) I will be forced to assume that this was a hoax. I will pray for the well-being of my sister, and I shall live with the fear that my niece may be raised in an environment that was worse than the one my sister was in.

I expect a contact number I can call and get information from.

I will be filing a PFA against my mother. I should have done this years ago. It is a restraining order.

My heart screams at me to handle this. Everyone around me has told me to let it go because I am making myself sick.

This is the pound of flesh my mother wins from me with this puerile, infantile, and downright selfish and insane behavior.

If I try to deal with it I am given the run around and go nuts
If I let it go, she has her proof I don't care and I live with the pain and guilt.

Think about it. This behavior is insane.

If you are trying to help me, then do something about it and call the police and bring them in. get D*** to stop her mother.

If you are trying to help my mother, after tonight it won't matter. I will have walked away, and she will never be able to touch me again. I'm ending 34 years of abuse.

I apologize if you are an innocent in the middle of this. But I am powerless and will not continue to live off the trickle of information that carries the occasional barb of my mothers venom.



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