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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I guess this is good news...

On everyone's advice I called the Pittsburgh area police. I apprised them of the situation. They were able to extract an address for my sister in Ross Twp.

At this point they will send a police officer to my sister's residence to try to locate her. They are going to assess her situation, well being and if there is a threat to her well being. With any luck, assuming everything I've been told is true (still a nagging fear) my sister will comment to the officer's what is going on and I will be notified with more information.

It's about the only chink in my tension level I've had since Sunday.

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And police make a living seeing through the BS that your *dear* mother may fling.


Your mom can't tell the police to lie on her behalf. Now you know whatever you hear from them will be the truth. Hopefully it will put many of your fears to rest and you will have the facts about the situation.

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