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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Not really quite stable at the moment

I just received an email from my sister. I don't know what to think or do anymore...

I am trying to talk, i am doing not well i am sorry. there is this laptop b*** brought, and i can use it in my room. mom needs to be gone. she is hurting me. i am scared. w*** has anna, until i can have her. i would rather be with dad then deal with mom. all she does is hurt, hurt, hurt. i talk to my socialworker and she can help me find shelter. like homeless shelter. i am not in shadyside hospital. i am in st margrets until friday. they closing this down. i do not know where i am going. i want to be with dad. this is all i want, i tried, failed. i am a failure at everything. noone can help me. i saw what he had everyday and i have nightmares about it. i have what he had bloodwise. the itp is gone, but i have the positive x thingy, and a lupus anticoagulant. st margerts is not a upmc hospital, and mom wants you not to find me, but i know you care, and i want you to know where i am. she may have me under another name, i do not know. a doctor will contact you by friday, before release to another hospital. i quit my job a long time back, and i am sorry for lying. i cry everyday. all mom does is put me down, hit me, call me names, blame me for everything, and think she is god. this is why i am better off being alone and up with dad. we always laughed, i cannot laugh anymore. all with what mom is doing and what george did, has done me in. i have to go now, more tests being done on my nasty ass.


I called St. Margarets and found out they are UPMC, don't have my sister and in fact St. Francis is the non-UPMC hospital that is closing.

Problem is they don't have her either. And after reading this I tried explaining the situation and describing her by the information I have, as well as a description of who she is...

I'm not really dealing very well at the moment. I have to prep for a class I'm teaching tonight.. I can't deal much more with this.

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You know I realize something today.. It seems that todays society is trained to abuse. You abuse the ones you love, you abuse the ones you hate.. you just abuse...*sighs*

I love you bro and I'm here for you.. I'm not in the best mental health state right now.. but I do care about you alot!

I'm glad your sister is out of the coma. The stress right now is horrible, but along with everything else, document document document whats going on here- it might become important. Your mother may try to get legal power over both your sister (by declaring her incompetent) and your niece, and this stuff she been doing speaks of her mentality which may be used to prevent that. Sorry for what you are goign through

What a horrible letter to receive. I suppose this way you have a clearer idea as to what is going on, but .. UGH. *hugs* You've been dealing with this marvelously. I think I would've lost it ages ago...

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