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Not really quite stable at the moment

I just received an email from my sister. I don't know what to think or do anymore...

I am trying to talk, i am doing not well i am sorry. there is this laptop b*** brought, and i can use it in my room. mom needs to be gone. she is hurting me. i am scared. w*** has anna, until i can have her. i would rather be with dad then deal with mom. all she does is hurt, hurt, hurt. i talk to my socialworker and she can help me find shelter. like homeless shelter. i am not in shadyside hospital. i am in st margrets until friday. they closing this down. i do not know where i am going. i want to be with dad. this is all i want, i tried, failed. i am a failure at everything. noone can help me. i saw what he had everyday and i have nightmares about it. i have what he had bloodwise. the itp is gone, but i have the positive x thingy, and a lupus anticoagulant. st margerts is not a upmc hospital, and mom wants you not to find me, but i know you care, and i want you to know where i am. she may have me under another name, i do not know. a doctor will contact you by friday, before release to another hospital. i quit my job a long time back, and i am sorry for lying. i cry everyday. all mom does is put me down, hit me, call me names, blame me for everything, and think she is god. this is why i am better off being alone and up with dad. we always laughed, i cannot laugh anymore. all with what mom is doing and what george did, has done me in. i have to go now, more tests being done on my nasty ass.


I called St. Margarets and found out they are UPMC, don't have my sister and in fact St. Francis is the non-UPMC hospital that is closing.

Problem is they don't have her either. And after reading this I tried explaining the situation and describing her by the information I have, as well as a description of who she is...

I'm not really dealing very well at the moment. I have to prep for a class I'm teaching tonight.. I can't deal much more with this.

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