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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Would you trust anyone in ICU to this person?

Well, with any amount of luck, by the end of the day, I will know my sister's location. while her health seems to be improving, more of the situation is deteriorating. today I found out exactly how unrelyable my mother is and how venomous and poisonous she's being to the situation. I am doing everything I can on my end to help remedy this. Hopefully by the end of today I will know more.

(01:06) Andrei: Right on time. I give you punctuality.
(01:07) SisAIM: Oh, thank you.
(01:07) SisAIM: I will be at the hospital in an hour and a half. Can you bring laptops, to hospitals?
(01:08) Andrei: I don't see why not. Which hospital are you going to?
(01:08) Andrei: Laptops is one thing. I don't think you'll get a net connection, though
(01:08) SisAIM: S*** is having someone take me. I guess this Shadyside hospital.
(01:09) SisAIM: Your mother is making me mad.
(01:10) Andrei: What happened?
(01:11) SisAIM: I called Shadyside and asked for D*** Robertsons room in NICU and got nowhere, like you. Ten minutes later I got a phone call from S***, saying, if I ask again, I can find another place to live like D***. D*** is being tossed out after she recovers.
(01:11) SisAIM: D*** is a loser like her brother and not worth it. I am mad, confused, and miffed.
(01:11) Andrei: S*** said that about D***?
(01:11) SisAIM: Yes.
(01:12) SisAIM: I am having W*** take Anna, until I can find a place for her and D*** to go.
(01:12) Andrei: And this is the sole person assuming care. I'm going to have to call a lawyer. This needs to end.
(01:12) Andrei: Do you know "who" is taking you to see D***?
(01:12) SisAIM: How can you do that when you are in Cali and I am here.
(01:13) SisAIM: Some coworker of S***'s.
(01:13) SisAIM: W*** said probably a Jittney. What is a Jittney?
(01:13) Andrei: I'm sorry, this situation has pushed me to the point of livid.
(01:13) Andrei: Not at you at all, you've been more than helpful
(01:14) SisAIM: W*** also said, S*** slaps D*** for stupid things. Also blames D*** for H***'s death. Now I know why D*** did this.
(01:14) SisAIM: I really want her away from her mother.
(01:14) Andrei: jitney is a motor vehicle liek a bus or van that transports passengers on a route for a small fare
(01:15) SisAIM: Like a taxi?
(01:16) Andrei: Similar
(01:16) SisAIM: D*** once told me, she stole a checkbook from S*** to pay for her perscriptions. She did not care if she wrote bad checks, either.
(01:17) SisAIM: If D*** is up to it, when I go, and I can get a net connection, do you want to talk to her?
(01:17) Andrei: When are you supposed to see her?
(01:18) SisAIM: I am leaving at 5pm, my time.
(01:18) Andrei: What I want first and foremost is to talk to a doctor.
(01:18) SisAIM: I can do that, does she have your phone #?
(01:18) Andrei: I want D*** to know I care. And that she's not alone and I'll do anything i am able to to help her.
(01:19) SisAIM: You're better off helping than me. I just lost my job. :O
(01:20) Andrei: :-(
(01:20) SisAIM: All of us got laid off by PCTIS.

I call a Pgh friend who's been doing an inredible amount of supportive legwork to update her on the situation

(01:28) Andrei: Touching base with F*** who you spoke with yesterday
(01:28) SisAIM: She just Instant Messaged me.
(01:30) Andrei: okay. I'm going to give you a number. It is the main number for my company. You can be transfered to my office by giving them my name. I'd ask under no circumstances it be given to my mother or D*** at this time. Once I have a nurse/doctor at the hospital I will give them a contact number. My mother has gotten phone numbers for me too many times and she's been told the next time she contacts me I wil have a restraining order filed against her.
(01:30) SisAIM: Ok.
(01:31) Andrei: Office main number, ask for me by legal name. If I'm out of the office, leave voice mail. I will check it routinely.
(01:32) SisAIM: Ok, that is great. I will give it to the Nurses Station and Doctor's will be notified. Also I will make sure S*** does not obtain this.
(01:32) Andrei: give me a call as soon as you have a hospital/floor/etc. Make sure D*** communicates that I am aloud to talk to doctors.
(01:33) Andrei: I think this stunt is revenge because S*** wasn't allowed to deal with my dad.
(01:33) SisAIM: This is funny, I am going to have to ask my father for money. All I have been doing is eating Taco Bell for a week now. S*** is not hospitable, at all.
(01:34) SisAIM: Your mother was medical power of attny. She was allowed to deal with H***.
(01:35) Andrei: Not at first, she had to get it from him after the first problem. The first time she was barred.

I didn't budget for a sibling suicide attempt this month, so I'm a little short until the end of the month. I wish I could help
(01:39) SisAIM: I am going to get ready to go. I will talk to you, later, bud.
<SisAIM signed off (01:40:49 PM)>

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Unbelievable.. wow. I am glad your sis's conditions improving. May God/dess bless and heal her in all ways, and pull her out of these detrimental situations. hugs and XX's Tiamat

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