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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Last conversation of the day.

This conversation occurred right after the email I received. I have an ounce of relief at the situation. But until I can talk to a Doctor, I am going to be f***ing nuts. So much doesn't make sense. So much is just too damned confusing. to be honest, I really don't believe that anyone would be so angry as to keep another person out of the loop.

Granted, I have to admit, i don't know what I'd do if i was the one who know and my mother was the one trying to find out. I can be all self-noble now and say that I wouldn't keep her out... but the anger and pain between me and my mother runs deep.

This is even harder on me, because I distanced myself from my sister because she was living with my mother who would lash out at me and she'd lash out at my sister to get at me. I tlkd my sister that I couldn't talk to her if it would only server to give my mother another reason to be abusive at my sister.

And I wonder if I'll ever have a normal relationship with someone....

(07:02) Andrei: I just read.
(07:02) SisAIM: Good
(07:03) SisAIM: I'm just finishing watching a show with your neice and going to bed.
(07:03) Andrei: This helps. Won't be anymore relaxed until I speak to a doctor/nurse. I need this before I can stop climbing the walls.
(07:03) Andrei: Good. hopefully Mommy will be home soon and we can take the next steps to helping her get better in mind as well as in body.
(07:03) SisAIM: I know. At least she is coming to.
(07:04) SisAIM: correct.
(07:04) SisAIM: I think Anna will spend some time with W***, Thursday-Sunday.
(07:06) Andrei: thank you so much for everything
(07:06) SisAIM: You're welcome. Anything for D*** is worth it.
(07:08) Andrei: I hope we can get past this all.
(07:09) SisAIM: I pray. I am sure we will.
(07:09) SisAIM: W*** and her mother are looking into HUD, to get D*** and her daughter a place of their own.
(07:10) Andrei: What is HUD?
(07:11) SisAIM: Assisted living through welfare.
(07:11) Andrei: nods
(07:12) SisAIM: They go by your income, and you can pay $20/mo. - $100/mo. on rent,
(07:13) SisAIM: also help with utilities and such. W*** said what D*** and her mom's relationship was/is like.
(07:13) Andrei: It'll start. It won't be the best living but it'll be away from our mother
(07:13) Andrei: I saw parts of their relationship. In my sight it was viciously destructive to anyone around.
(07:14) SisAIM: I was told.
(07:14) SisAIM: fighting, and not just verbally.
(07:15) Andrei: It doesn't surprise me. Mother had worked up to throwing things and lashing out by the time I was about 22. She stopped with me because I'd gotten bigger than her and learned how to block.
(07:16) SisAIM: I have to put her to bed. EMail me with whatever you need to get off your chest. I will listen. Also, I will be on at 10am EST, tomorrow morn to start looking for more people to help.
(07:16) Andrei: It's so hard. i had to walk away from it for my own mental health. there was nothing I could directly do for D*** without supporting her 100% and I couldn't do it. I'd prayed she'd get out on her own.
(07:16) Andrei: I will hopefully be in the office by noon eastern. I have a business call I need to take at 9:30 Pacific.
(07:17) Andrei: Please give Anna a hug or something for me. Hopefully things will start getting beter now.
(07:17) SisAIM: D*** needs help getting back on track, especially financially, H*** financially screwed her.
(07:17) SisAIM: I will hug her for you.
(07:18) Andrei: I don't know what i can do financially. I don't know if that is something I can do. And that's the part that stings worst of all.
(07:18) Andrei: try to get some sleep as well.
(07:18) SisAIM: Well, EMail me, and we can go from there. Anna's bedtime is past.
(07:18) Andrei: nods
(07:18) SisAIM: Goodnight.
(07:19) Andrei: good night

Code represents
D*** my sister's name
R*** her married name
H*** her ex-husband
S*** My sister and my mother when I chose to only
refer to her as name rather than as my mother
W*** My sister's friend and niece's Godmother