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Andrei in the office


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Enslin colour

I'm holding on by a (conversation) thread....

The last conversation started about 2 hours ago and went for about an hour. I had a network failure and work come crashing down on me. I'm working on about 2 hours of sleep since yesterday. Since finishing up, I've had more work explode and several people email me that I accidentally posted a name in the last message. So, too distract myself, I wrote an algorithym to edit the document for me.

At this point I have about 5 people trying to get information as it would seem my mother has made this a personal issue. And seems to be obfuscating information for everyone else. My mother has it in her mind that I was not there for my father so this issue is not my concern and "do not bother." Sadly I can hear those words coming out of her mouth clearly.

I thank everyone who has called, emailed, written, and just in general been supportive to me as I've been enduring through this. It really means alot to me as I try to get information.

The short form. What I've been told. My sister is to have her 'Blood flushed' because the by overdosing her drugs she has, made herself toxic" I should be due another email shortly with more info if my sister's friend holds to the schedule he gave me.

There is a lot of very personal information about my relationship with my mother and things I didn't know about my sister's ex-husband. Things are getting beyond frustrating, but this is everything that is known so far.

(04:44) SisAIM: Your mom wants to know why are you here for your sister now, and was not there for her or your father, then?
(04:44) SisAIM: sorry, dude.
(04:45) Andrei: in truth the question is irrelevant and false. I flew out the instant I was told my father was sick. I also do not really feel the need to answer to her whatsoever in this instance. i am concerned and would like to know what is going on with my sister.
(04:46) Andrei: No offense, but I really don't feel there is a need to have to explain myself to a woman I haven't talked to in over 2 years apart from these family emergencies.
(04:46) SisAIM: She says:"Do not bother."
I say: " I'll let you know anything about D***, I lost my sister when she was 12."
(04:47) Andrei: can you please find out where she is. Shadyside hospital says there is absolutely no patient matching any name i've given them. I am greatly concerned.
(04:47) Andrei: I'm also greatly concerned about Anna as well.
(04:48) SisAIM: D*** may not make it. She turned herself toxic by doing this to herself. They are going to flush her blood, tonight.
(04:48) SisAIM: I will do my best.
(04:48) SisAIM: Flushing her blood is the best they can do, right now.
(04:49) Andrei: Please find out anything. I need to at least be able to reach a hospital.
(04:49) SisAIM: I will do my best, that is all I can say. I am sorry.
(04:49) Andrei: I can't keep on surviving on waiting to see if someone I don't know logs in with information gleened from a woman I neither trust nor believe in.
(04:49) Andrei: No offense meant at you, you've been helpful, but I need to talk to someone. I need to hear from a doctor/nurse.
(04:50) SisAIM: I agree, and understand. This computer logs things off by itself. Has too many viruses. I would have it on all day and night, but this PC may crash.
(04:50) SisAIM: I will contact people tomorrow, and my mother, she is a lawyer, and she can help.
(04:51) Andrei: I understand. Please do. Because I'd hate to have Anna wind up with my mother. This would be bad for her, I perceive.
(04:51) SisAIM: I see.
(04:52) SisAIM: If worse comes to worse she ends up with her godmother.
(04:53) Andrei: That's not the primary motivation. My main concern right now is finding out about D***. Right now, I don't really have a handle on anything that is happening. S*** has kept me out of the loop as much as I've been distance for her. I don't even know who the god mother is.
(04:54) Andrei: ...as much as I've been distant from her... I can't even type straight at the moment.
(04:54) SisAIM: The godmother is D***'s best friend, W*** from High School. Another thing, I will make sure she never sees H***, ever. He will never get her.
(04:54) Andrei: Thank God and you for that.
(04:54) SisAIM: I am sorry, for telling you this bad news.
(04:54) SisAIM: Thank you!
(04:55) Andrei: Better I know than not know. But I need to have concrete information. I at least need to find out where the hell she is.
(04:55) Andrei: I've been calling Pgh hospitals all day and no one has heard of her at all.
(04:55) SisAIM: I was there for D*** when her dad was sick and when he died. Noone, not even her mother was there for her.
(04:55) Andrei: No one told me he'd taken a turn for the worse.
(04:56) SisAIM: I will get some more information as soon as I can, that is all I can do,
(04:56) Andrei: Actually, i'd been told he died in September and didn't find out until November it was a lie that S*** had told other relatives.

I was told in late September by my mother's Aunt that my mother her told her my father passed on August 1st. I then passed this info around to family and friends and found out this was incorrect a week later

(04:56) SisAIM: That was nice.
(04:56) SisAIM: Why is she like this? Pardon me.
(04:56) Andrei: This is why my friend and I are climbing the wall because we need some kind of validation. We need to talk to someone.
(04:57) SisAIM: I know. I will do what I can. And more.
(04:58) Andrei: Father's stroke in 1979 pushed her over the edge. She became more and more detatched from reality after that. I distanced myself at 18 when I got out and have been on my own with no support from them whatsoever. I was thrilled when I heard D*** got out (because I couldn't support her) I was horrified when I heard what had happened and how she went back to S***. I knew there was nothing I could od.
(04:58) SisAIM: I will EMail you under her EMail address at 9:30pm, tonight, that is when we will know if the flushing worked.
(04:58) Andrei: You problably didn't bargain for a lot of this. My mother is a very sick woman in need of a lot of Psychological councelling. But then again, in truth I guess we all could use some from time to time.
(04:59) SisAIM: yes, I agree.
(04:59) Andrei: Please email me at me**@email if you get ANY information. But right now a hospital name is PARAMOUNT. I need to know where she is.
(04:59) SisAIM: She seems not to care as much as a mother should
(04:59) SisAIM: I will ask, again, when Sue comes back from dinner.
(05:00) SisAIM: She keeps on saying Shadyside.
(05:00) Andrei: She beleives she does, which makes her even more dangerous to the people around her. I lucked out and had 'parents' until I was 11. For D*** she was 4 when this all went to hell.
(05:00) SisAIM: I feel for you two, completely.
(05:00) Andrei: Several of us have called Shadyside. The Nurses, reception, and ICU all say there is no Tapolow, R***, D***, or Jane Doe listed.
(05:01) SisAIM: My sister was killed by a drunk driver.
(05:01) Andrei: Cripes, I'm very sorry to hear.
(05:01) SisAIM: As, I said, I will ask, and I can do some calling myself.
(05:02) SisAIM: I am on the phone with Anna's godmother now. She works for these hospitals.
(05:02) Andrei: Thanks. I hope that S*** isn't feeding you a line of Bull now.
(05:02) SisAIM: Do you know D***'s Social Security number?
(05:03) SisAIM: I hope she is not, too
(05:03) Andrei: Cripes, not at all. I'd have to go digging. I don't think I've ever had access to it.
(05:03) Andrei: If she's lying there's no way of telling what the situation is. And I've dealt with this crap before.
(05:03) SisAIM: W***, Anna's godmother can find out, and help you.
(05:03) Andrei: S*** is prone to gross exaggeration and paranoia.
(05:03) SisAIM: sounds compulsive.
(05:03) Andrei: Please forward both my email and AIM info to W***.
(05:04) SisAIM: She does not have internet access, but I will give you the information that she passes to me.
(05:04) SisAIM: No doubt!
(05:04) Andrei: It leaves a mark. The suicide note basically said she'd be happier with the dead parent. This disturbs me a lot.
(05:04) SisAIM: It does me too.
(05:05) Andrei: I'm sorry to say that I don't trust S*** with D***'s well being.
(05:05) SisAIM: D*** has said to me a lot, she was closer to her father than anyone.
(05:06) SisAIM: D*** is 27, I think she can do well on her own if she was able to, not in this situation.
(05:06) Andrei: Dad is another can of worms entirely. And would probably cause me to type another 5-6 pages of info. Functionallity was not a mainstay of our household.
(05:07) SisAIM: You can EMail me, through D***s Email about anything. D**@email

Note, my sister's email is in the format: XxxxxXxxxx666@provider.com; thus my comment. Those who know me very well will note the irony I didn't mention.

(05:07) Andrei: I've told her she needed to get out. But I couldn't do it for her. S*** however is very good at pressing buttons that make us roll over and doubt ourselves. Thus I got out.
(05:07) SisAIM: Ok
(05:07) Andrei: 666? When did my sister become a satanist :?)
(05:08) SisAIM: lol
(05:08) Andrei: I knew we should have gotten her bas mitzvah'ed
(05:08) SisAIM: ??
(05:08) SisAIM: I am not Jewish
(05:09) Andrei: No one in the family practices much anymore. I'm about the closest thing the immediate family has to a "Jew" and if you knew me...that's saying something.
(05:09) SisAIM: D*** went to synagogue. Also church.
(05:09) SisAIM: She has told me a lot.
(05:09) Andrei: Good, then she did better than I did
(05:10) SisAIM:
(05:10) Andrei: We will keep assuming she will yet return to such practices.
(05:10) SisAIM: I pray, one day I want her to be happier and marry me.
(05:11) Andrei: i'll take your word. I still only vaguely know you

My network at the office goes down

(05:27) Andrei: Our network went down
(05:27) SisAIM: Sorry.
(05:27) Andrei: I Don't know what you got last.
(05:28) SisAIM: I forgot, too. I am emotionally wrecked.
(05:28) Andrei: Same here.
(05:28) SisAIM:
(05:28) Andrei: Look, I'm on the west coast. i can't reach many of the hospitals during business hours. please feel free to call anyone you think will help
(05:29) SisAIM: I have a list of people, and so does W***. As I said you can EMail me anytime, about anything under D***'s EMail. I do not have access to mine here.
(05:31) SisAIM: This anticipation is making me nervous. I want to know how this flushing is doing, and won't know for another hour.
(05:31) Andrei: nods
(05:32) SisAIM: You should have seen the burn marks on her breasts, H*** gave her. I would never lay a hand like that on a lady.
(05:33) Andrei: Cripes. This is insane
(05:33) SisAIM: Right
(05:34) Andrei: You and I need to get more info
(05:34) SisAIM: I will Email you in an hour. I am going to log off and make some calls.
<D*** Tapolow signed off (05:35:49 PM)>

Code represents
D*** my sister's name
R*** her married name
H*** her ex-husband
S*** My sister and my mother when I chose to only
refer to her as name rather than as my mother
W*** My sister's friend and niece's Godmother