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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

About Shadyside's ICU and NICU

I've been asked this alot today. Apparently, Shadyside has 6 ICU areas.
Shadyside's NICU is Neuro-ICU and their Neo-natal is NNICU.

And yet.. still no info. She's not even a patient of the hospital.

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Well, now that I finally catch up

I have been kinda out of the loop here.
First things first . . .
I can kinda hear, read, how this is getting to you.
I can understand having issues with family, and I can relate to having family suddenly have medical problems half a continent away.
If it is really getting to you, I'd recommend jumping on a plane. Are you still concerned it may be a hoax? That would be a way to find out.
Here if you need a friend. Also if you need another friend I can be there, LA that is, it's not that far a drive.

*Blech removed for seriousness*

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