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Losing composure

After this morning's frantic calls I've made little to no headway. My sister's friend logged on quietly and I was fortunate that a friend who's also watching out caught it.

Here now the latest...

(01:42) Andrei: Hello. I need more details. i've not been able to locate her at any UPMC Hospital.
(01:43) SisAIM: I am talking to a friend of yours
(01:43) Andrei: Yes, I know. That is my Pittsburgh friend who handles many issues for me when I am unable to be present.
(01:43) SisAIM: Ok

(01:49) SisAIM: Since you cannot get any information on your sister, through the hospitals, I can tell you. Also my mother can get a way to have you pass your mother and find out yourself.
(01:50) Andrei: Have the hospitals been told not to release information to me by her?
(01:51) SisAIM: All I know is it is just her mom.
(01:51) Andrei: So what information is there. I've been going a bit stir crazy today.
(01:52) SisAIM: I have 5 Instant Messages going on, hold up, ok?
(01:52) SisAIM: She is critical, she is being transferred to NIH tomorrow, hopefully.
(01:53) Andrei: NIH?
(01:53) SisAIM: Mothers and doctors request.
(01:53) SisAIM: National Institute of Hematology
(01:53) Andrei: Where is this?
(01:53) SisAIM: Baltimore
(01:54) Andrei: So where is she now?
(01:54) SisAIM: Shadyside
(01:54) SisAIM: Hospital.
(01:54) SisAIM: NICU
(01:54) Andrei: Shadyside said they had no such patient. What name is she there under?
(01:54) SisAIM: I do not know
(01:54) SisAIM: I would guess her married name, isn't that her last name?
(01:55) Andrei: it should be...
(01:55) SisAIM: Well, I will know more after 6pm.
(01:55) SisAIM: This is getting to me. Sorry.
(01:56) Andrei: I understand. sorry to add to the stress
(01:56) SisAIM: No problem, just a lot of caring feelings, and being scared.
(01:57) SisAIM: And her mother is (excuse me) being a little bit of a bitch.
(01:58) Andrei: On the phone with Shadyside, they have no he name listed.
(01:58) SisAIM: I will ask her mother when she returns.
(01:58) SisAIM: Did you ask for this NICU?
(02:01) SisAIM: I have to pick up Anna, I will be on later, I am sorry. I wish I could do something more for you.
(02:01) Andrei: Talking to NICU right now. They just put me on hold. I will be here until 8pm Eastern at least. Any updates are appreciated. Please email my email if you can not reach me.
(02:01) SisAIM: Ok, will do.
<SisAIM signed off (02:02:10 PM)>

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