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Before leaving the office, I called Dr. S. to ask to set up an additional appointment.

Unable to sleep I was up until about 3:30 am working on my Comic-con photos and my notes for my Tarot class.

I set the alarm for 6am and hit the snooze bar at 6, 8, 8:30, and 8:45.

I got in to the office at about 9:45. My manager has been kept apprised of my situation. My manager marvels at my family on a regular basis.

I called Schugar Funeral Home to tell them what info I had. They were compassionate and understanding. There was no talk of the bill and I told them I would keep them apprised.

On my desktop was a message left within 15 minutes of when I left:

(06:23) SisAIM: Your sister is starting to have seizures. It is 9:22 pm, here, I will wait another 45 min to see if you log back on.

This morning I have called: Shadyside, Presby, Braddock, Western Psych, And Monitfiore. None have any listing of a patient under her maiden or married name. I am further told that since it's suicide attempt related, they may not release any information anyway.

This coupled with the BS concerning my dad about a year ago, has of course planted seeds of doubt in my mind. this point I don't know if she's dying in some Pgh Hospital and my mother is about to get her hands on another child to screw up; or, two very sick women are playing a prank on me.

This is my life today.

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