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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office


Before leaving the office, I called Dr. S. to ask to set up an additional appointment.

Unable to sleep I was up until about 3:30 am working on my Comic-con photos and my notes for my Tarot class.

I set the alarm for 6am and hit the snooze bar at 6, 8, 8:30, and 8:45.

I got in to the office at about 9:45. My manager has been kept apprised of my situation. My manager marvels at my family on a regular basis.

I called Schugar Funeral Home to tell them what info I had. They were compassionate and understanding. There was no talk of the bill and I told them I would keep them apprised.

On my desktop was a message left within 15 minutes of when I left:

(06:23) SisAIM: Your sister is starting to have seizures. It is 9:22 pm, here, I will wait another 45 min to see if you log back on.

This morning I have called: Shadyside, Presby, Braddock, Western Psych, And Monitfiore. None have any listing of a patient under her maiden or married name. I am further told that since it's suicide attempt related, they may not release any information anyway.

This coupled with the BS concerning my dad about a year ago, has of course planted seeds of doubt in my mind. So..at this point I don't know if she's dying in some Pgh Hospital and my mother is about to get her hands on another child to screw up; or, two very sick women are playing a prank on me.

This is my life today.

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I am sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you. I know a bit about crazy relatives and thier bullshit. It's too bad how weak, stupid people like to fuck with anyone human enough to take in interest.

When I was in the hospital with a similar problem, no one who called was given info about me. My parents weren't allowed to see me, because I didn't want them thier. Sadly, if your family doesn't want you involved, it is the hospital's job to keep you out of the loop. Being estranged from my fam as well, I'll say that the pain, anger and helplessness can take a heavy toll.

I hope you are okay and that you'll be in touch if I can do anything for you.

I can understand the angst. From what you have posted, even though your relationship with your sister is not the best, I do not think she would play a prank this sick on you. Hospitals are very reluctant to give information over the phone, especially in suicide attempts, afraid of getting their butts sued. Plus, they will listen to the family member that is there re: requests. Your mother might have told them not to release any information to you. Since she is there, you are not and your sister is not concscious to make her wishes known, they will listen to your mother, she probably fed them a bunch of BS.

Just keep holding on and know you are very loved.

LOL, yes. I know I know your name, but I can't place it. Can I blame it on my toothache? :)

My office is always open...

Sorry you're experiencing a difficult time. Feel free to vent whenever needed...


Don't you just love family. I still think there should be somekind of questionaire people need to fill out before they're allowed to produce offspring...

Andrei, that's just awful.

I hope some real information is forthcoming shortly.

- donna

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