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Sister update

The short form:

My sister is comatose and non-responsive. I believe that she is at Shadyside Hospital. He friend is taking care of my niece and staying at the apartment my mother and sister live in. My mother is greatly upset that I've been told and I'm not supposed to call. In all honesty, I really have no idea what to do or how to react to all of this...

All times Pacific, Names edited out.

(03:54) Andrei: Hello, is there any further information?
(03:55) SisAIM: Ok, she had overdosed on her medication. She had 340mg of Prednisone, 73mg of Ativan, and 600mg of Effexor, in her. She is completely comatose and non-responsive.
(03:56) Andrei: Where is she? Which UPMC hospital?
(03:56) SisAIM: The medication overdose caused her spleen to become oversized, and caused a heart attack
(03:56) Andrei: Cripes
(03:57) SisAIM: I think she is in Shadyside Hospital, let me call her mother and ask, first.
(03:57) Andrei: thank you.
(03:57) SisAIM: She does not want you to call there. She was kind of mad, I told you.
(03:58) Andrei: My mother? My knowledge is not her concern
(03:58) SisAIM: I cannot see her, I am not related.
(03:58) Andrei: I understand
(03:58) SisAIM: She was going to have me be her cousin, or something.
(03:59) Andrei: I'll see if I can do anything. If you two were close and you want to see her. I'll see if I can get you in as well. It can only help her to have someone she cares about close to her.
(03:59) SisAIM: right
(04:00) SisAIM: She cannot drive to the hospital. The car is 4 months past inspection, and they are broke, so she takes a bus.
(04:00) SisAIM: sometimes she does not pick up, and now she is not
(04:01) Andrei: How is my sister's daughter doing?
(04:01) SisAIM: Ok
(04:01) Andrei: does she understand anything that is going on?
(04:01) SisAIM: She does not know, yet.
(04:01) SisAIM: She knows mommy is on vacation.
(04:01) Andrei:
(04:02) Andrei: And she's staying with you?
(04:02) SisAIM: I'm at your mom and your sister's mom's apartment
(04:02) Andrei: Got it.

Extra deleted

(04:05) SisAIM: Your niece loves me that I took her to the zoo.
(04:05) Andrei: I'm glad. I'm glad to hear she's okay
(04:05) SisAIM: yes she is.
(04:05) SisAIM: She also goes to a child group at a church. Like a play day.
(04:06) Andrei: I'm going to make some phone calls. And then get back to work. I'll try to exchange more information with you tomorrow.
(04:06) SisAIM: ok
(04:06) Andrei: I need to contact some people in Pgh.
(04:06) SisAIM: ok
<SisAIM signed off (04:06:35 PM)>

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