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Update on my sister, "I've seen Andrei's life 146 times... and it keeps getting funnier, every time

The details are very hard...and somewhat personal. You needn't read forward if it is not your will.

For those who know the story of me getting information about my family this will make sense. I will not precursor every other statement I type with Apparently and alleged. Please, however assume it in all things I type as I have no validation or verification on anything.

My sister's AIM logged on today. Here is the short form of what I got:
Last Tuesday, my sister tried to commit suicide. She took an overdose of a medication she is on called Prednisone. This is a steroid that was persctibed to her. I was informed that there was a suicide note that suggested, "...She wanted to be happy and that would only happen with being with her father..." My father passed in January.

I am told that she is currently in an ICU in UPMC in a coma. A close friend of hers is looking over my niece, her daughter.

At this point I have little information beyond that.

This is the conversation I have had today... It's all I know. Tomorrow, I get to call the Funeral Home and give them this information as I have it.

Note, I've taken out personal information for those who don't know the people involved. Anything cleaned has been italicized.
You now know everything I do...

Me: Hello, is this you? And if not, please do not log off.
sAIM: No, this is friend
Me: This is her Brother. I would like information on her being in the hospital, please.
sAIM: She is sick, she took a bad turn by overdosing on her medication
Me: She Overdoes on medication? When did this happen? What kind?
sAIM: Prednisone, and almost a week now
Me: Can you give me information on the hospital?
sAIM: I can have your mother tell you in an hour
Me: :-/ I am estranged from our Mother. I haven't spoken to her in over a year.
sAIM: Well, I do not know much more. All I can tell you is that she is not doing 100%
Me: I may not be online in an hour but she can email me any information at: email
sAIM: She is not expected to do any better than how she is already
sAIM: She tried to commit suicide is all I know
Me: And how is she? Is she in intensive care?
sAIM: she is in intensive care and in a coma
Me: Christ. I'm assuming you're a close friend?
sAIM: I met her on a site I used to work for
sAIM: We are pretty close, yes.
Me: I feel badly that this has all come down on you in the middle of it.
Me: When did this occur?
sAIM: That is ok, I love her anyway. She has been there for me a lot.
sAIM: When did what occur? Her hospitalization?
Me: the suicide attempt/ the hospitalization.
sAIM: Last week, I think Tuesday night, I'm not sure. Sorry.
Me: that's okay. Any information is better than no information. Do you not have the hospital info, or are you just uncomfortable sharing it with a relative stranger?
sAIM: She is at UPMC, if that helps.
sAIM: She even had a suicide note.
Me: It does. I have a trusted friend that She knows who tends to take care of my family business when I can not be there. I live in L.A. now. Should I ask about the suicide note?
Me: Do you know which UPMC hospital. This is Pgh and UPMC only limits it to about 100 hospitals in the Pgh area
sAIM: She wanted to be happy and that would only happen with being with her father.
Me: nods

extra deleted

sAIM: I will email you, as soon as her mom comes back.

extra deleted

sAIM: Ok, I am sorry.
Me: No, it's better I know than don't know.
sAIM: yes.
sAIM: I am going to take, your neice, her daughter outside before it rains
Me: Thank you.
sAIM: no problem.
Me: I'll keep in contact
sAIM: ok


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