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It's time for a top 10

I watched a phenomenally bad "Horror Parody" last evening called, "Shriek, if you know what I did last Friday the 13th"

As a result, I went on a quest for the 10 best Horror parodies of all time. This quest became more difficult than I thought. Of course my list may differ from yours and comments are open... but this is my list :)

First I had to cut out horror movies that were funny that weren't parodies. In other words, they set out to be a strong movie of it's own accord and was not trying to rip on the films of the past.

While you may disagree, here are the films I eliminated from the running on the basis that I don't view them as intentional parodies.

Funny Horror films that aren't parodiesCollapse )

Then I had to eliminate the ones that I didn't feel fit into the all-time best.

Contenders but not the best 10....Collapse )

So... Here's my list.....
10 through 6Collapse )

Number 5Collapse )

Number 4Collapse )

Number 3Collapse )

Number 2Collapse )

Number 1Collapse )

PLEASE, feel free to make comments and include your own lists.

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