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Yay, even more good news.

This one is just a pisser.

Well, I received a message from the Funeral Home that handled my father's cremation and (lack of) ceremony. Aparently, my sister took care of all the arrangements becuase all of dad's insurance (and military payouts) aparently went to her and his ex-wife (my mother). I was asked to sign a form because they couldn't cremate my father without all legal children signing a paper approving of the Funerial care.

They'd left a message a week ago asking me to call them. I knew the sound of this message. This was the call of a creditor. I managed to catch my sister online. I'd stopped talking to her again when my mother started using our communications channel to start talking thru her to me. I asked my sister what had happened and why they were calling me. She cursed a few times and then commented that she believed it was due to the investigation into the malpractice that led to my father's death. I asked about the bill.

She emphasized that is had been taken care of. She got angry that I even suggested it was anything else. She told me point blank, "I'm not mom or dad. I pay bills." this from the woman who called me at the office two weeks earlier out of the blue for the first time in 5 months to ask for money so she could buy medicine for her daughter. The daughter is another story entirely. Yes, aparently I have a niece. I'm still not sure because over the last five years I've been told that my sister: Miscarried, delivered but it was still born, delivered but it died in infancy to some rare disease, was kidnapped, was taken by the father, never happened. This goes hand in hand with me finding out my father had passed in March of 2001, August of 2001, and January of 2002. I didn't buy it the last time until they sent me the forms from the Funeral home.

So.. I spoke with said Funeral home. It would appear that the Tapolow acct is owed close to $2,000 in unpaid bill. Never paid, never tendered, and they can't reach my sister.


While I have your attention.. Is there anyone else who thinks I owe them money? See, I really do want to get on with my life. I want to let go of the past, but thanks to the world of contracts and their ability to obfuscate what you're signing yourself into. (In this case, I thought all I was doing was signing permission for them to cremate my father. However, I'm seemingly now liable for a funeral I didn't arrange or attend)

To tell you the truth... Tonight I feel blank, cold, and a neo-vulcan flare for the unemotional. I don't even care enough to hate people anymore. I just want to go in my room and pack away more boxes. Get it all out. Because it doesn't really matter what anything I've done matters to me. It sure never really mattered to most of those that I cared about.

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