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  • 07:54 Good morning interwebz. I haz had sleep. :) Morning math quiz: How old will you be when your child is 10% your age? I made an equation. You? #
  • 09:00 Equation for those curious: (You can do your own analysis of how I got there) Childs age = 10% of your age: Your age at child's birth / 0.9 #
  • 13:05 I am watching @livingartist on a business **phone call** and it is SOOOOOO cool. I love modern technology! #
  • 13:43 Who would you likely give more credit to? Someone with a great idea or someone with a great idea and $20K? Yeah… I know. #actuallycryptic #
  • 14:35 So, Um.. there was this interview this week. Contract position. They aren't offering a contract. They are hiring me full time with full relo #
  • 14:56 This is the view from my new office's kitchen area AT THE TOP OF GATEWAY CENTER: #
  • 15:09 @fredthefourth Yeah, alright FP. You put the Rams up against the Pirates, I'll put the Steelers up against the Cards. Let's see who lives ;) #
  • 15:14 There'll be a longer more detailed post about when, where, what, etc on my blog this evening. You're not reading my blog? #
  • 18:41 And in other news. Aiden is Reading and writing at 3 1/2. #parenthood #
  • 00:44 New post on my blog: ... Where I talk about the new job and reflections on where I've been and where I'm going. #

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