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Just when you thought it was safe....

I got a fly by message on Yahoo. Here is the edited details from the profile of the speaker:
Yahoo! ID: pqt....
Real Name: ..... ....
Nickname: pqt....
Location: Hochiminh city
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Occupation: assistant of GM

pqt: hi
life_magick: Hello
pqt: what 're u doing ?
life_magick: Working on some software.
life_magick: You?
pqt: wow, is great, i'm in my office, i c yr pic & believe that u must be romantic man
life_magick: *blink* What do you mean by 'a romantic man'?
pqt: his eyes/hair/beard, maybe i'm wrong ?
life_magick: I guess I am romantic. Your profile says that you are also male. Is this correct?
pqt: yes but not bi/gay
life_magick: Neither am I.
pqt: i c

Are you as confused as me?

pqt: is it ok if we 're friends ?
life_magick: Well, i'm glad to chat for a few. I figure friendship evolves over time if there are like interests and conversations.

And he went away...

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