Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

I tawt I taw a Twitter

  • 11:46 Fark link of the day: 25 FAIL Headlines with pictures to prove it: #
  • 14:50 Doing a look at Genealogy. My GIL turns 91 today. How do those Western Europeans do that :?O #
  • 17:37 local #charter tech didn't show during req window. Had to call to find out he'd be 30 min late. Disp. apol. for him not calling. Now 35 min… #
  • 17:39 Note: local #charter rep hasn't called that they'd still be later. "Business support" indeed. :-/ #intentionalhashtag #
  • 17:40 In the meantime... #Cirque du Soleil on DVD makes for CAPTIVATING #toddler #entertainment. #
  • 17:42 I wonder if I get to charge #charter my hourly rate for waiting outside their proposed window. #
  • 17:44 @Umatter2ChtrG Would DM you specifics but not authed to DM you. #
  • 17:53 @Umatter2ChtrG sent #
  • 18:06 Our #charter rep showed up. #
  • 18:49 My appt with #charter is over.... For now. #
  • 20:03 @livingartist I love you! #justsayin #
  • 20:51 Q:How do you find someone else for a poly re... A:I wish there were a stunning magickal answ... #
  • 23:13 Woot: #DoctorWho returns to the US with Doctor 11 on April 17 (only a two week lag behind the UK) #
  • 00:04 I'm off to bed. But in the mean time #ask me anything: #

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