Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

I tawt I taw a Twitter

Andrei's daily twitter log is brought to you via LoudTwitter

  • 09:27 Elmo: "Let's ask Mr. Noodle" Dorothy: "Right, ask the psycho killer from CSI. You are one messed up pupped." #askmrnoodle #
  • 09:29 At least once during every episode of "Elmo's World" I have the urge to pantomime putting a gun in my mouth. #
  • 12:28 @Umatter2Chtr Local tech called said they'd reprovision and call back. They didn't. I am still reading 15 of 20M down if they did a reprov. #
P.S. Anyone notice the posting time? It's relevant.

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