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Friday Five

  1. Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car is it?

  2. 94 Saturn SL2. It just passed 100,000 mi. (I got it used from a Saturn dealer at 42K)
    It is now paid for!

  3. Do you drive very often?

  4. 45 minutes each way to work. Every weekday.

  5. What's your dream car?

  6. Something about halfway between an Aerostar with all the trimmings and an Alfa Romero Spider Veloce.

  7. Have you ever received a ticket?

  8. I went 15+ years without a ticket and then got 3 within a year of moving to California.

  9. Have you ever been in an accident?

  10. HS #1 spun out on ice. No damage
    HS #2 Rear-ended the female gym teacher. Crumpled the front of the new Dodge Lancer the family had just gotten
    College: Dark, bad curve in W.V. kicked rocks into the drive-train and left me with a totaled rental. Humourously, I had an LDW so the only charge for totaling the car was the $15, because I'd cracked the gas tank. I had paid to return it full, and it leaked out.
    Post college: French kissed a 5 point deer coming around a blind curve.

    4 accidents. No injuries.

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