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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

I tawt I taw a Twitter

Andrei's daily twitter log is brought to you via LoudTwitter

  • 16:04 Good night's sleep and Aiden is much better. Took him to StL Science Museum. Yay! Boy with science! #parenthood twitpic.com/z4653 #
  • 18:28 While not naming where. I just found a potential job 9 miles from where I currently live. Yes, I applied. No.. It's not Mac. :-/ #
  • 18:52 @fredthefourth Checked that one. The union requirements are a pain and the salary would be a huge cut. Though, it's not unlike our industry. #
  • 22:16 I'm such a twitter celebrity whore :-/ Early FF: Now following @itsLucyLiu She just fills me with happy sigh. #
P.S. Anyone notice the posting time? It's relevant.