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On the bus...late for work

And despite last nights personal I am at the back of the bus. I am happy, it has actually gotten cold enough in L.A. that I can wear my favourite sweater. It's now pretty much my only sweater as I've unfortunately outgrown my others and don't really have alot of call for sweaters. Maybe once I start skiing I'll start getting newer sweaters.

My favourite sweater is one that was hand made for me. I watched it being made. It gave me such incredible respect for the art of knitting and the effort that one must go thru to make such an item.

Maybe, I'm a bit strange; but to me. I like to look at gifts as a representation of a slice of time. Relationships go thru changes and sometimes grow apart. I've never quite understood the concept of being a bad person because you have personal keepsakes of a past relationship. "Bob, why do you have pictures of your exs?!?!?" I recently found a picture of myself, Carrie, Trevor, and Erin from a Kiss concert we attended (in makeup) in State College, PA. To me, this picture is a slice of time that was wonderful in my life and it helps me remeber good things about good people.

I am glad that I only have one person left that I intentionally hold ill thoughts for. Granted, people that know me very well understand that I really have no plans of burying the hatchet with my birth mother.

This is all free form as usual...I guess I'm just in a happy mood as I ride into work a but late. I'm wishing the best for everyone I knew today and focussing on the good memories of them...No matter how they may have turned out after that.

A list of songs that reminds me of happy moments with specific people:
Love Shack - B-52s
Dance With Me - Orleans
One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head
God of Thunder - Kiss

"Love never goes away, it is tempered by experience; and blossoms differently each time. The trick is to recognize the lasting good that it does to your soul in the long run.

Well timed. The iTunes playlist just flipped over to "Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage." I'm not sure if I should Thank Adrian (Tonz) or just never forgive him ;)

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