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meme du jour

From isomeme by way of lysana

Now, marvel my limited musical knowledge

Name a song that...

...reminds you of an ex.
"One Night In Bangkok" And the circle that gathered on the dance floor.

...makes you cry.
"We tell the Story", final song from the musical "Once on this Island". The child brings the story full circle and justifies the whole show.

...reminds you of high school.
"Don't you Forget About me", Breakfast Club. I was AMH & AS rolled into one.

...reminds you of childhood.
"Main Street Electrical Parade", 1977, the year I was brainwashed to be in Los Angeles

...reminds you of junior high.
"Theme from Star Blazers", I am truly that much of a geek.

...mirrors true life a little too closely.
"Jeremy", Pearl Jam. Let's just say, it's a damned good thing I didn't know what a gun was when I was 10.

...makes you laugh.
"Get Drunk With Dignity", nuff said

...will always get you up to dance.

"Rock Lobster" B-52's.. It was a college thing. used to hate but now love.
"Every morning", Sugar Ray. The song used to grate on me for some reason. Then the harmonies grew on me. love but wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend.
"Riu riu chiu" Monkees performance. like from your parents' record collection.
"Photographs & Memories", Jim Croce. I blame my father

...reminds you of something nasty?
"Original Sin" Steinman

...makes you think of your friends?
"ICHB" - Survivor. But someday....SOMEDAY... I'll get it out of my head. ;) held between you and a specific friend?
"Riu Riu Chiu"

...would be your choice for the national anthem?

"My country tis of Thee" - It doesn't mention war. Just how nice a place this is.

...would be your choice for the planetary anthem?
"Brandenburg Concerto V" - Bach

...that you can't sing because you can't pronounce?
Still working on 99 Luftbaloons and some Anime themes.

...that makes you want to go off to war?
"Cry little Sister" - Lost boys Soundtrack

...that makes you want to stop a war? Any war?
"For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield.

...that changed your life in some pragmatic way?

"The Planets: Venus the Lifebringer" - Holst. No, I will not explain.

Still working on these...

...makes you think of sex.
??? your anthem.
??? your ultimate love song?

...reminds you of a breakup?

...that you can't sing because you're crying?

...that you can't sing because you're laughing too hard?

...that you gave someone else and it took root there?

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