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Down but not beaten....

So... riding into work this morning listening to the news (Aside: Yes.. I listen to the news in the car. KFWB, they offer traffic every 10 minutes. In L.A. this is a Godsend.)

The announcement came on: Vanguard Airlines has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. They have ceased all travel and are not likely to reopen their doors.

This kind of announcement would not be noticed by me, but due to the fact that it's been my choice airline the past few weeks the following air travel just got canceled on me:

  • Dragon*Con

  • Nutmeg Reunion

  • Ray & Jenn's Wedding

Needless to say, I'm less than pleased. These were all budgeted and paid over the past few months.
Apparently Vanguard has made re-accommodation with Frontier & National... So hopefully, while the tickets have been canceled, the flight arrangements are still okay.

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