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Andrei's daily twitter log is brought to you via LoudTwitter

  • 09:14 Good morning, interwebz. It is 7am. Which in toddler savings time means I overslept 3 hours. About 27 hrs to the #WWDC keynote. #
  • 09:30 Another picture from yesterday's #Moscone West's Pre-#wwdc shoot: The rest are on flickr: #
  • 09:51 @Arclite While it costs more, I recommend the AT&T USB 3G plug in. It is amazing for net on the go. #
  • 10:12 No, really. Ask me how my day can go from 0 to WEIRD in, "So. How's it going?" *blink* I guess it's been 7 years. #
  • 10:13 And even with that level of Cryptic I'll bet @livingartist figures it out. #
  • 11:28 GPS location: No really. This is the line the Day BEFORE the #wwdc keynote for pre-reg. #
  • 11:30 RT @hellosmalldog ...If Steve shows up @ #WWDC in the 3 wolves shirt, free iPod shuffles for everyone. #apple #
  • 11:30 @hellosmalldog with the revenue that'd generate for #apple it might be worth them pulling the stunt. #
  • 11:41 Another pict of the line from pre-reg at #wwdc #
  • 12:59 Downtown SF means everyone's favourite Urban Voyeur game: "Bluetooth or Bonkers?!?" GPS location: #
  • 13:03 I love this twitter: RT @moon_ferret *wanders in. pokes internet. wanders back out* #
  • 13:31 Movie 2 today. Monsters and aliens. GPS location: #
  • 13:41 Flash: CartoonNetwork joins list of cable stations to utterly lose their way and fail. This summer CN debuts some live-action reality shows. #
  • 15:45 GPS location: I seem to have wandered into a huge Israli Independance day celebration. Talk about very mixed reactions. #
  • 16:38 @wilshipley It would have been better if UP was playing at the Metreon near the Moscone #wwdc #
  • 18:25 @Quazie 2 accounts doesn't work well to hide 'fame' eventually it is compromised. I think it's why ppl change email when spam gets bad. #
  • 18:30 @bryanwoods phone announcement likely. New phone not for a few weeks #
  • 18:32 Managed to find my way around BART to make it to the Mission district for local mass @ Blazing Star. #OTO #
  • 20:39 @chickgonebad very lovely mass. Using a Masonic hall. So. Awesome environs. #
  • 00:23 @olofhellman You may as well just drop stuff at the hotel and get online for the keynote at this point :) #
  • 00:40 Done lots in S.F. over the years. Never made it to Lombard. Until today. Worth it: Flikr: #
P.S. Anyone notice the posting time? It's relevant.

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