Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
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Andrei's daily twitter log is brought to you via LoudTwitter

  • 13:02 @aryelmoffet I have my own set of 2yr old demands. Guh! :) #
  • 13:24 RT @StockAAPL: Wwdc banner is up at moscone. Hoping we are 5 days from a new iPhone. #
  • 13:29 Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #blogger #mac #social #
  • 13:48 I don't think even my minimal #socialnetworking cred is good enough to get me in the door for #iphonelaunchparty at #wwdc (Fingers X'ed) #
  • 14:50 @joykohl Wish I could join you folks. **hugs** to all. #
  • 14:57 Note to self. Your Dave&Buster card does not let you through doors like your ID does. Not good to have both in the same back pocket :-p Oops #
  • 17:19 On rare occasion #vicodan does not help with a #syrinx. These are days that I need to pick up extra slack. A later dose sometimes makes up. #
  • 17:22 @fraserspeirs Will be sorry not to see you. Sounds like @buzz isn't hosting his annual. #Hillegass won't be there either. 2010 will make up. #
  • 17:23 New Hampshire joins the Equal Marriage list. #
  • 21:04 @zyngapoker Delay on a check as long as you can. On the next card make a very small bet. Opp will think you are slow playing a monster&fold. #
  • 21:08 @grader More than willing to βeta test. #
  • 21:17 So this may seem off topic... anyone attending #wwdc #wwdc09 interested in playing some #poker? I can pack my chip set. #
  • 21:19 @livingartist Don't sugar-coat it. How do you really feel about this? #
  • 21:21 @i_girl On this topic it is utterly impossible to be "too Geeky" #
  • 21:28 Crucible Convention 2009 will be Oct 10th in Princeton, NJ. A great Con. @livingartist and I will be speaking. More info #
  • 21:31 #wwdc'ers don't forget @wilshipley's offer. Wear your wolf shirts on Tuesday. (I 'Wil' be trying an ironic facsimile) #
  • 23:00 #Poker for this evening. 4 player Knockout. Drilled through it in 10 minutes. Thanks to some tips on Poker's Edge from @TexDolly. #
  • 23:36 More plumbing thru #IOKit documentation. GUH!!! Tomorrow I try to fix my 17" mbp supedrive. (Yay, exhausted Apple Care). (more...) #
  • 23:38 Still cleaning Guest Room (office) for tomorrow's arrival of @tailerouge. Tomorrow: Beat a 3 target #XCode project into #xcconfig happiness. #
  • 23:39 @maxkiesler I don't exactly think you're going to find a scalper. They were sold out within a month of going on sale in April. #
  • 00:05 Goth + Phantom - ALW + OMWF - Joss * Grand Guignol. The equation = "Repo: The Genetic Opera" Still dissolving this. :-o #
  • 00:06 RT @kpshek: Looking forward to next week at #wwdc #
P.S. Anyone notice the posting time? It's relevant.

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