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"Oh what a night..."

So.... tygeressdenacht made it in safely yesterday for her weekend of OTO in LA. Surprisingly, despite a delay on the tarmac in Pittsburgh, a problem with the plane in Chicago, and United's less than perfect schedule; she arrived right on time. Most of us at the office had pretty much blown off the afternoon. The load at work is light, and well. The Apple Uber-Store in L.A. opened yesterday.

We pushed thru the Friday afternoon traffic and made it back to my place from the airport (all 11 miles) in a new, record hour and 45 minutes. (This is why, we don't measure travel in distance in L.A.)

i invited Frater P (Yes, he who invited me to see Mitnick) to joint the two of us to investigate an invite I had received.

Adult star Violet Blue (AVN's best new Adult Starlet of 2002) happens to be a member of the order out here. Her web site went live last night and to celebrate it. She hosted a massive party at a club in L.A. As someone she knows in the order, I wound up getting an invite. (Well, 3... she didn't know which e-mail to send it to; so she used them all.)

So, she became host of a Foam Party at a club called the Blue. This is the same club that does goth night as "The Dungeon" which I've posted about at other times.

A Foam Party, is where they border off a portion of the club, put down carpeted mats and put in a machine that basically fills up the area with foam. Big tube, spitting in foam, like a bath nozzle. Foam comes up to about your waist and you get covered in the stuff while dancing to industrial music.

Frater P, Soror A, and I got to the club about 11pm. We got on line behind a train of really desperate looking 19 year old boys. We really lucked out. I heard a voice and saw Violet coming to the club. I leaned out of line and waved. (I figured, if she's in true Hollywood mode, she might not even notice us.) I was in jeans and my "Got Satan" t-shirt from Pennsic's Hell Night Party. Violet saw me and promptly told the guy at the front. "Oh, and they're with me too! They are family!" She ran over to me and gave me a big, bear hug.

You know... I'm not really a porn kinda person. Yeah, yeah.. I'm male, there fore it must be my thing. By I know her socially. And She's really a nice person. None the less.... the looks from the kids in line, who might not even get into the club as a famous entertainer ran up and hugged me...well... it was a nice warm fuzzy for a moment.

She drags the three of us up to the security, bouncer with the checklist. He stamps our hands, then checks our ID's and gives us drinking arm bands. Aparently, the stamps were (because we were now Guests of Violet) VIP area stamps.

Oh, darn.

We went in. there was no longer a cover charge for us. And we were led to the side, where Violet and all her friends got to be in the nice big booth seats away from the crowd. <Sarcasm level=High> By some odd twist of irony many of violet's friends were also Adult actresses. And I can't for the life of me figure out how this could be....</Sarcasm> Of course, they were also all quite sweet when you talked to them.

So we danced in foam... We chatted with celebrities, boht in and out of the Adult Entertainment field. All in all, a really, really fun time. the three of us bailed about 1:45am. We went to Denny's where I tried to sustain a sense of consciousness. And eventually made it home around 4am.

Note... the weekend is still just getting started. I'll be seeing Violet again this weekend as she'll be at our EGC Mass on Sunday.

Yes, auntie... I'm going to Mass on Sunday... And I'm gonna see all my religious friends ;)

In the mean time... I'm going to go drag Sor. A. to Dim Sum for the first time.

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