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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Dear gods... more?

Well after last week's discussion/thread concerning the song Silent Running (On Dangerous ground by Mike and the Mechanics; I was able to locate a copy of the famed Choke Canyon on Amazon for about five bucks. Admittedly, with shipping it was about Seven. The tape arrived yesterday at the office (as I never ship to my home anymore).

The tape case has a picture of Star Stephen Collins in all his 80's hair, Willard Decker (ST:TMP) glory. Yet, he still has those 7th Heaven, Ministerial, trust-me eyes.

I have yet to endure the 5/10 rated film (by 20 votes), But it also has Lance Henriksen in it.. so how bad ... could... it...

More soon on this...

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They filmed the movie but....

I wasn't on live journal yet at the time of the prior postings re: the song and if there was a movie. I'm glad others have wondered about this as well as I. What I can tell you is that I distinctly remember when the music video came out and there were a few snippets from the movie. I also remember an interview with Mike & the Mechanics talking about how it was from the movie "On Dangerous Ground" that it hadn't been released yet and now they weren't sure if the movie would ever be released, that the studio wasn't sure if it would make money and be worth the releasing of said movie. The one scene I remember from the video is the father in the movie, looking up over a desolate landscape with bright lights reflecting off his face and wind blowing in his hair. Other scenes of a boy using a box and timetraveling to his father were made for the video itself and not from the actual filming of the movie.

If the movie you got from Amazon is truly the one, let us know, would love to see it as I'm sure many others do. Luck and light with it.

Re: They filmed the movie but....

More of a report on it soon. And, Welcome to LJ ;)

Have you had a chance to watch the movie yet to see if it is the one that goes with "Silent Running?"

Hope you had a good weekend.


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