Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Daily Twittering

  • 05:59 Aaaagh! Just tried to call ADC on the west coast. They open at 6 am. It's almost 8 here. Which means... It's not even 6am on the west coast! #
  • 06:00 Been trying to understand the purpose of the @jackbox SB Bus campaign. Was it to introduce the branding transtion? It just doesn't connect.. #
  • 06:01 There are no ifs anymore. I _AM_ attending WWDC '09 :) #
  • 10:35 @joykohl yes. But then you're in a bathtub in the jungle at night and it's like, "Okay... Calvin, put me back." #
  • 10:44 Lunching at the Longstreet Grill in Chesterfield with the team. #
  • 11:37 @moon_ferret we should lunch at some point. #
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